Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Breaking news in the Hogan world

Two posts in one day? What the heck? I know, I know, I out-do myself. This is just big news, and it has to be shared.

For Brendon's pharmacy program at UT, there is a decent chance that you complete your third and fourth, or just forth, year(s) in another city (such as San Antonio, DFW, Houston, El Paso, etc). There aren't enough places here in Austin for everyone to complete their rotations or something. To decide who goes where, they basically have a lottery set up where you rank your first four choices of cities and some computer system generates a ranking system randomly and they match you up with a city. They higher number you get, the better the odds of getting your first choice. So, kinda scary. I hear they do this kind of thing with med school too.

We picked (in order of preference), Austin, DFW, San Antonio, and then I think Houston. Usually most people get their first or second choice. Picking DFW over San Antonio as our second choice was a big decision. We love being close to family, but we also loved living up north. So for various reasons (it was an insanely stressful decision and I had anxiety for hours about it) we chose DFW as our second option.

But none of that matters because we got Austin! We got our first pick! I am so relieved. Since Brendon put in our choices a week or so ago (and really since I found out we might have to move again), I had been stressing out about it, it was always in the back of my mind nagging at me. It was like before Brendon got into pharmacy school and we had no idea where we were going to live in a few months time. But now we know we're here for good! Or at least 3 more years. Part of me is a little sad, moving back up north would have brought me closer to a lot of my friends and I truly loved living up there. But Austin is becoming more and more our home and being here near family is beyond wonderful. We are lucky ducks and I am grateful.

Boom goes the dynamite, there's that. One big weight lifted off my mind. Sorry Austin, you're stuck with us for a while!

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