Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sparkles, Greg, and hair.

Things that have happened lately:

- Working, eating, sleeping; repeat
- Consuming copious amounts of grapefruit, fending off the sickness that everyone seems to have
- Thinking a lot about being productive, but being lazy instead
- Missing Mr. H
- Dropping mugs on my head at work
- Debating big decisions
- Snuggling and cuddling with a husband and two fat cats every time I get a chance (not often enough)
- Sparkle toes
- The heat has returned to Texas, boo!

Things that have not happened lately:

- Winning the lottery
- Anything remotely creative
- Seeing the light of day (kidding)

I have no idea where this last week has gone. This is good because it's another week of pharmacy school down and a week closer to summer, but it is also a week where I feel I got absolutely nothing done. I have nothing to show for this last week and that's weird. Making and creating things makes me happy and I did zilch this week. I don't know how or why but I don't like it. Time is flying, and that is good, but I feel like I might as well have been in limbo not existing all week. Weirdness.

So even though I have diddly-squat to show for the last week, I treated myself to a pedicure today. Because although I didn't make anything pretty or yummy, I did work my butt off all week dealin' caffeine and these legs are tired.

I went all out and got pink sparkly toes. Because why not?

They make me happy. Happy toes!

While I was sittin' on the floor snappin' some pictures of my bedazzled feet, the cats decided to be cute. And by cats I mean Greg, because Sophie hates the camera.

Greg does this thing when he wants attention where he lays on his back with his belly and feet up. It looks like someone shot him. It's beyond cute. That boy knows how to work it. However as you can see, his charms don't work on Sophie. But they sure do on me!

Sweetest blue eyed baby, oh how we love you! Just not when you put your butt in our faces.

In hair news, my monster hair is gettin' pretty long:

Mirror pics y'all. Bringin' them back.

I'm on a mission to continue growing it out and to keep it as healthy as possible. Although it is in bad need of a trim. My mom got me a gift certificate to get my hair cut (perhaps as a hint?), so I think soon I'll get a trim.

In an effort to keep my hair healthy, I try to avoid attacking it with heat. I have straightened my hair once or twice this year so far. I blow dry it a little once a week or so just because it takes ages to air dry. For example, I showered at like 11 this morning and it probably finished drying at like 7 this evening. I have a lot of hair. And since I basically don't ever style my hair, it usually looks a little wild. It's not quite straight but not really wavy. It just does it's own thing, and I'm cool with that.

I just got some coconut oil to help with my dry ends. My hair gets really oily super fast near the roots, but the oil never makes it down to the ends so they're always a little on the dry side. I had been looking for something to condition them with but everything seemed full of chemicals. I looked at the ingredient list of some split end stuff yesterday and it was super long and contained a bunch of alcohols. Doesn't alcohol dry your hair out? Brendon said it was a bonding agent between chemicals or something, but that's too sciencey for me. I read on the internet somewhere that coconut oil was a good natural conditioner, so I figured I'd try it out. Hopefully it works because I bought a GIANT jar. It starts out as a solid but melts with heat. It's kinda neat, you can cook with it and use it on your skin and hair! It's a multitasking machine! I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I don't end up smelling like a bottle of Hawaiian tropic suntan lotion.

Well. This post was all over the place. My life is all over the place. And I like it.


  1. I said it was most likely a co-solvent for the ingredients, not a bonding agent. I love you!

    1. Oh ho ho! My bad. Some geeky nonsense of some sort. Love you too nerd pants.