Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A couple of Chasaks visit Austin!

Guess who was here this weekend?? Kristy and her sweet daughter Kennedy (who has grown SO MUCH)! Although we missed Mr. Chasak, we had a blast! I loved having them here. It is absolutely not fair that we live so far away. Can they just invent teleportation already, geeze. We tried to show them a good time around Austin, and in the process had a wonderful weekend!

Unfortunately the weather was terrible all day Saturday, but we toughed it out and did some exploring. We had some girl time (how I missed that!) and explored Austin in the rain. We visited the capital and tried to run into Rick Perry and his hair, but I guess he wasn't around. It might have been for the best. Kennedy did however get to hang out with W for a bit.

I know, I know, they're so good looking it's unfair.

We were super spoiled and also got to see Z, his sister Sarah, and her friend Zia Saturday! We were so happy to see them. We seriously hit the jackpot this weekend with wonderful visitors!

Kennedy is a big fan of Z. But really, who isn't?

And once again Kennedy and a young George Jr met up. This time it wasn't on such happy terms I guess.

Brendon and I both have crooked smiles. Kennedy is pretty symmetrical and pretty awesome!

Sunday the sun came out to play! It ended up being pretty toasty outside. We ventured down to South Congress for some pizza and then headed over to Auditorium Shores to enjoy the weather. And it just so happened to be the late Leslie's memorial service/party. There were lots of people in crowns, speeches, and they let off a bunch of balloons. Pretty neat that we just so happened to be there to witness it!

Thanks random dude on a bike for rolling up at the perfect time to snap our picture! And thanks flash for making me look albino.

This weekend was seriously awesome. We got to see our best friends, eat extreme amounts of yummy food, and do lots of fun things! I did not want everyone to leave. I missed everyone so much, one weekend is not enough to catch up. Move to Austin y'all?

After Kennedy and Kristy left Brendon asked me, "so did that make you want a baby more or less?". I said MORE, duh! Kennedy is awesome, and I can't wait to watch her grow. She's already so grown up already! And I can't wait to hang out with our own little one (one day!), hopefully he or she will be as cool as Kennedy!

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