Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Husband love

Honeymoonin' in Alaska.

This man is good. He is my rock and my home and my happiness. I love him more everyday and today I miss him terribly. After this wonderful weekend, Monday was a lame trip back to reality. Back to no more husband and wife time. Back to work for me and school for Brendon. It's not fair. There is no measure of time together that would be enough for me. Boo for reality. Boo for work and school. Why can't we just be on vacation all the time? Why can't we just hang out all day everyday? Someone call the whambulance, because I'm being a whiny baby today.

I guess the good thing about not getting a lot of time together is that it makes our time together more special. Last night I forced Brendon to stay up with me after I got home from work. Just hanging out. Just laughing and cuddling and being stupid. It's my favorite. Even if it is just a half an hour of us-time, it gets me through the next day of no-Brendon-time.

I am thankful for this wonderful man. Thankful that I get sleep next to him (and two fat cats) every night. Thankful for his silly text messages throughout the day when we're apart. Thankful for his patience with me. Thankful that he is hilarious and as weird as I am. Thankful that after all these years we have never run out of things to talk about. Thankful that we have each other to go on this great big adventure with.

So sorry if you just died from "lovey-dovey-ness" overload. but I love my husband and since he's not here you all have to suffer my rantings.

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