Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday weekend!

This past birthday weekend was really wonderful. I didn't want to make any big plans, I really just wanted to relax and have a happy day with my husband and family. I ended up being spoiled rotten and duh, I loved it. I am a lucky little lady. So brace yourself for 10,000 birthday weekend pictures y'all. Let's recap this bad boy.

Saturday morning Brendon and I slept in (!!!) and then made a breakfast taco feast. My favorite! Then I got to open my presents!

 Puttin' that birthday crown to use! Pardon my sleepy face and creepy Sophie.

Brendon was way too good to me and got me awesome goodies. He got me CLOTHES! My husband went shopping for me! And got really cute stuff! AND I got Harry Potter and Darth Vader key chain Lego men. Booya, best husband ever.

Oh and my new little lucky kitty cat!

Most awesome shorts ever? YES. Hot pink shorts. I AM IN LOVE.

Sophie dressed up fancy for the occasion.

After present time we went and saw the Hunger Games! Muy bueno. I think they did a great job. I wasn't really impressed with who they picked for the characters when I first saw the cast (still think Gale looks like a goon), but now that I've seen it I think they did an excellent job. The guy who plays Peeta won me over as soon as he smiled. And I loved the way they did the districts and the capital. Pretty damn close to what I pictured in my head. Also the soundtrack is BA.I highly recommend seeing the movie! But read the books first!!!

Anyway, after the movie we ran to the mall, came home and relaxed for a bit (I snuck in a nap!), and then got ready for dinner! We ate at Clay Pit, an Indian restaurant near downtown. It was so good. Such a neat place, we will definitely be back. We both got chicken korma (our favorite!) but as you can see below, Brendon got his significantly spicier than mine (his is a good 3 shades darker than mine!).

 Nom nom nom! So good.

After dinner we hiked around downtown for a while. We walked A LOT. We walked from basically MLK to 6th street and back, we got at least a good couple miles of walking in. Had to work off all that yummy food we ate! It was neat to see the capital in the evening. I'd never been there at night before, it's beautiful! They have it so well lit, it glows!

Brushing up on his Texas history. And looking handsome.
The lighting there was pretty, but I look like a damn Weasley. My hair looks so red!

I'd like to take this time to introduce you to my birthday dress up there. This is the dress that I saw before Christmas and passed up (even though it broke my inner fashionista's heart), then saw it a few weekends ago again and bit the big one and bought it. SO GLAD I DID. I love it. I had to shorten it about 4 inches, but other than that it is perfect. Do you see that giant satin bow? And that adorable collar? Favorite dress ever.

After exploring the capital, we headed into the heart of downtown, where all the crazies are! Excellent place to people watch. Austin is a beautiful city at night. And it really comes alive!

Here I am on 6th street sipping on a box of apple juice. I feel like that picture describes me pretty well. Weirdo fosho! 6th street makes me nervous, but we wandered down a little bit to check it out. It got crazier and crazier by the minute so we didn't last long. But it would be a nice place to chill in the evening before the party animals arrived. There are just SO many bars! How do you know which one to go into?

After our long (uphill) hike back to the car, we headed home. We didn't have any cake so I blew my mismatched birthday candles out in a piece of bread. Brendon wanted to stick them in a potato. Too weird for even me.

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday. I got to spend all day with my sweet husband, see the Hunger Games, relax, and I felt like a princess all day! AND I got to wear my birthday dress out on the town. Can it be my birthday everyday?

The next day the fun continued! My mom, sister, and Alex (Julie's main squeeze) came up to Austin to spend the day with me. So I basically got two birthdays! Jackpot!

That birthday card was the best. It has a cat box with "happy birthday" spelled out in what I can only assume is cat poo. Amazing. My family knows me so well.

Ladies! And the birthday crown makes another appearance.

Sophie got a lot of loving and pretended to hate it, as usual.

 She was so upset, she killed Alex.

Jk, he's alive. And he spent the day as me. We both celebrated our birthday.

Ummm, you see that? It was AMAZING. Chocolate heaven. There's a piece waiting for me in the fridge.

Although I missed my daddio and step momma this weekend, we have plans to meet up soon! I am seriously so lucky to have these loving and amazing (and weird) people in my life. Thank you for making my birthday so good y'all. You are the best. This was a fantastic start to my 24th year of life, and if it's any reflection of the next year to come, I can't wait!

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