Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend fun

We had lots and lots and lots of fun this weekend. We headed down to NB Saturday evening to have a belated birthday dinner for Brendon with my dad, step mom, step bro, and sister. We ate at one of our favorite places, the Gristmill. The food and company was great, the only low point was me accidentally spilling throwing a glass of water all over Brendon. And then him having a little hissy fit. Whoops! I felt terrible, but really, if you decide to sit next to me and liquids are around it's an understood risk.

Gruene is such a cool place. Even growing up in NB, I still love to act like a tourist and walk around checking out all the shops. Although now I guess I really am a tourist!

After dinner we had birthday cupcakes at my daddio's and then we crashed there because Brendon had a few too many cervezas and I had been up since 5am.

Four cupcakes for 24 years old?

The next day we said hello to all the animals (I swear my dad and step momma are going to be run out of house and home by all these guys!), had a deeeelish breakfast with my dad and step mom, and then headed back up to Austin.

 Super cute young chickens! Check out the front two's hair-dos. They've got fluffy little feather afros! After an experience with a super sweet chicken in a gas station parking lot, I have decided I want pet chickens.

 Turkey bffs. They don't go anywhere without each other. They seriously walk RIGHT next to each other constantly. Oh and they gobble on command.

Hands down, the best lawn mowers around.

Sunday was the Kite Festival in Austin! It turns out this thing is a pretty big deal. I have never seen so many people in one place! And obviously, there were SO many kites. HUNDREDS of kites. It was a little insane, but awesome. And the weather was absolutely perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and plenty of wind. We've been having some awesome weather lately.

Brendon and our spider man kite that we've had for like a year. It almost immediately ended up here:

In a tree. Poor Brendon only got to fly the kite for like two minutes before this happened. He (along with some folks in the snow cone line) tried very hard to get it out of the tree, but alas, the tree claimed the spidey kite.

After losing our kite, we relaxed in the sun for a while. See how PALE I am? Well I am now a lovely lobster color now. My face, chest, hands and feet (??) fried. We didn't even think to bring sunscreen. Next year we'll know better.

They were all kinds of contests for homemade kites. See that GIANT black one? Although it looks like it's close it's actually on the far side of the open area in the middle. It was HUGE. Obviously this was the biggest kite contest. We're going to build a kite and try to enter it into one of the contests next year! We (and by we I mean I) better start researching kite building...

Aside from getting super sunburned, the weekend was a great success. Family, beautiful weather, and time with your husband. Nothing better. I am loving this spring! So much wonderfulness.

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