Friday, July 8, 2011

Sick husband and the 4th

Poor Brendon is a sicky little baby. He's got a cough and is feeling crappy. I'm reeeeally hoping it's not pneumonia! That would be a nightmare, I keep telling myself: no way is our luck that bad. Poor baby, he's still sleeping and he has to work tonight. Booooo, I wish I could make him feel better! I miss my perky husband, he never gets sick. I'm usually the one who catches everything, guess his good luck could only go so far. In the mean time I get to return the favor and get to take care of him.

I forgot to talk (type?) about the 4th of July! Because I'm lazy, there are zero pictures. Brendon had to work during the day so we got a late start to our festivities. We headed down to my dad's around 6 and had some family time and some very American cuisine; hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, fruit salad, and peach pie with my absolute favorite ice cream, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla (seriously, the greatest ice cream on the planet). So yummy! Unfortunately we are in a nasty, nasty drought so we were unable to blow up some of my dad's firework stash and they canceled all the shows around San Antonio and Austin except for some in Kyle, Roundrock, and maybe Kerrville. Lucky for us, by the time we were driving back up to Austin and passing through Kyle, the fireworks show had began! So we pulled over on the access road with a billion other people and watched them from afar. Not as great as seeing fireworks up close, but at least we got to see some! I LOVE FIREWORKS! Growing up we had always done our own at home, perks of living outside city limits, so I had only gone to my first "professional" firework show (that I'm aware of) a couple years ago at UNT. I was seriously impressed. Last year we saw some in Coppell with our friends. Although doing your own fireworks is fun, the professional ones are way cooler to look at. Plus no burning your fingers off. Hoping that next year will be a little wetter and more shows to chose from!

In other news, it's still insanely hot.

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