Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh Austin

One of the odd things about Austin that I can't get used to is the massive amount of homeless/down on their luck folk asking for money everywhere; at intersections, while you're walking, etc. Since I've stopped waiting tables I don't carry cash, so I don't have anything to give them. And I'm not really in a position to be giving away money anyway, but believe me if I was loaded I'd help them out. I'm all for giving to the needy, but I feel like the situation here is a little out of control.

For instance, while waiting at a light I had a man step in front of my car, and start making the motions with his hands of eating. As usual I didn't have cash so I smiled and mouthed I'm sorry and shook my head. He then proceeded to start blowing me kisses. All while standing IN FRONT of my car. Luckily he moved before the light turned green, but jeeze! And then the other day Brendon and I were out and a guy was asking for money, making signs etc pretty persistently next to our car, we smiled and tried to make it clear that we weren't going to be able to give him any cash, and then I guess at some point he ran into the guard rail and cut his knee. He then proceeded to get really mad at us. Like pointing at his knee and yelling at us. I was honestly scared, like what would have been the right thing to do there? Brendon wanted to give him napkins but I was terrified of this raging man so I told him to just keep the window shut. He flicked us off as we drove by. I mean whaaaaat? This is totally not the norm, there's a very nice man near our place with the coolest beard that is always waving and smiling regardless of whether you give him anything and plenty more like him I'm sure. But the persistent scary moments I could really do without. Especially when I'm alone. Is that me being paranoid?

On another brighter note, Brendon's mom and his little bro are coming up tonight! It's so nice to have family visit! Aaaaand I think Sophie is sleeping with one eye open. Like wide open. Creepy cat.

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