Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adventures in renting

This loveliness. Came home from work yesterday to the sinks being about half full of some really amazing water that was gurgling up from the pipes. Put it a service request, they told us since it wasn't an emergency (what?) that they wouldn't be able to get to it until Monday. Whatever, what do you need your sinks for anyway (everything when you cook ALL THE TIME). So an hour or so later I'm chillin' on the couch and I hear water splashing from the kitchen. Yes, the sinks were overflowing. Fortunately not from the front, the water was leaking down through the faucet into the back of the cabinet underneath. STILL leaking stinky nastyness. So I freak out and tell Brendon, who is at work, and I begin carting pitchers full of this muck to the bathroom. All the while getting it all over my hands/legs/etc. Sophie is watching me much amused. Brendon calls our apartment complex again while I'm doing this and they say they'll TRY to get to it today. WHAT? This is an emergency, nasty ass water is flowing forth from my sinks! So after Brendon told them that it would get moldy and gross and probably made some sort of threat there was a lovely man at my door in no time. He opened a drainage pipe outside our apartment to let all the nasty water out. Why it wasn't open before, I don't know. Bottom line is it took like 3 seconds for him to do something they were telling me could wait until Monday, I got covered in nasty water, and our apartment smells like poo and garbage mixed together. Still. Have I told you how much I love this apartment? Endless charm y'all.

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