Monday, July 25, 2011

Mundane Monday

Nothing exciting has been happening lately. Nothing than I can think of anyway. Just working and chillin' out. We open our store Thursday, so today was our first day to be actually in the new store. It's pretty cool, it's in an awesome old building that used to be a theater. Parking sucks though.

Thursday Sophie went to the vet to get a checkup and her rabies vaccine updated. She was a boss! Got an A on her exam and was so brave. She only tried to get into the cabinets a couple times. We're taking Greg next month, and that will be an entirely different story. That cat has issues, he's such a weenie. We warned the vet ahead of time.

Yesterday we were expecting my family to come visit, but they didn't. So Brendon and I had a date night instead! We had a burger and a steak at the Fridays downtown (which has a great view of the lake and the Congress bridge. It would be a perfect place to bat watch!). Then we then ventured over to check out the Austin Symphony's Concert in the Park. We split a bottle of wine, laid in the grass with the ants (they thought we brought the blanket for them), and listened to a very lovely woodwind quartet. If you're ever in need of something to do on a Sunday night in Austin, go to one of these summer concerts. They've got four that they rotate; woodwinds, brass, strings, and big band. Last time we went we heard the big band concert, I liked the woodwinds better, but I'm partial to classical. And it's free! And even though it's like a billion degrees, you're on a hill and you get the best breeze. And then afterwards you can follow the river down to the Congress bridge and watch the bats fly out. The timing is pretty perfect, the concert ends just before/around sunset.

Brendon starts pharmacy school in less than a month!! I'm so excited for him. And a little jealous. In my original dream plan I would be starting grad school now too. But that is not the case. So I will live vicariously through Brendon! Seriously though, he's going to have a blast. He has his White Coat Ceremony just before school starts, where they give him his white pharmacy coat (I know I know, who'd have guessed), and I'm probably going to cry. I'm so proud of him, he's such a badass.

In other pointless news, my hair is out of control. I need a haircut bad, but I feel like that's a silly thing to spend money we don't really have on. So until then my hair is large and in charge. It would probably look more civilized if I bothered to fix it, but psshh, why do it if I don't have to! Usually I just sport the ponytail if I work, or if I'm off I throw it in a bun or rock what I think of as the "half-Hermione". My hair isn't curly, but it's not quite straight and there's a whole lot of it, so it gets big. Poor Brendon. No more polished girlfriend, just a messy wife. That's whats supposed to happen when you get married right?

Why not take smirking pictures of myself? It's my blog, I'll post 1,000 pictures of myself if I want to. ;)
And in all fairness to my hair, I wore at hat at work this morning, so that can't have helped the situation.

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