Sunday, July 17, 2011

Denton, TX

I miss Denton. A lot. I am glad we are in Austin and it's everything we've wanted for years and years, but I really really really miss Denton. I miss how small it is, not being able to go anywhere without seeing someone you know. I miss the laid back vibe. How weird it is. I know, I know, Austin you're the "capital" of weirdness, but Denton is pretty weird too. I miss the food; Mr. Chopsticks, Roosters, Greenhouse (I'm drooling now). I miss UNT, more than words can describe; the late nights in the studio, meeting Brendon between classes for lunch, sleeping in the GAB. I miss the lack of traffic, all the back roads, and short cuts. I miss how spread out everything is, yet how you can still get across town in 10 minutes. I miss the weather, which doesn't exist in Austin. No more crazy storms, tornado alarms, or snow days. I miss that ghetto gross Applebees that for some reason everyone flocks to. I miss afternoons on the square, eating Beth Marie's and people watching. I miss wandering around Recycled Books and Records and that crazy giant antique mall. I miss our old apartment, good old 4022 with your beautiful caramel walls and your wonky stairs. And of course most of all, I miss the people. I met so many amazing people in Denton and I miss them so so much. It hurts my heart to be so far away from you all. Move to Austin please?

When I think of home, I think of Denton. My five years there shaped me into who I am today. I think I feel so connected to Denton because I "grew up" there. When I left New Braunfels I was a mess and had no idea what I was doing. But I figured it out. And when Brendon moved up a year later we started our own life there. There are so many good memories connected to that town that makes perfect sense to miss it.

I know we'll learn to love Austin. I moved to Denton all alone and hated it at first. But it grew on me, and I'm sure Austin will too. This is the next chapter of our lives and I'm sure we'll look back on our time here just as fondly as our time in Denton. Although these last months have been hard, everyday here gets a little easier and I feel more at home. But Denton, you will always hold a special place in my heart. And today, I really miss you.

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