Saturday, July 2, 2011

Honeymoon part 6 - Ketchikan, Alaska and heading home

Ketchikan was our last stop in Alaska. We just took it easy and explored the town, did a little last minute souvenir shopping, and had some seriously overpriced crab, but how are you going to go to Alaska and not have crab!

This fire boat was welcoming us into the town with a little water show!

Cute little town! Much warmer than Skagway and Juneau.

We ran into Sarah Palin.

 Neat little tunnel.

Brendon and his bear.

That mountain behind the city was sooo big and so white! I wanted to ski down it. Bad.

Totem pole!

I loved all the moss growing on those rocks, such a pretty green! That water looked so fresh, but so cold!

The stream ran though and under these cute shops and then out into the ocean.

 We rode this little... thing? up to a lodge where there was a great view of the city and the surrounding area.
I found Dumbledore! This was a Christmas Shop (there were actually a bunch of Christmas Shops, and Russian shops. Russia is just a hop, skip, and a jump away I guess), they had tons of Santa figures everywhere, and there was this one sitting on a chair that turned out to be a real guy posing as Santa. It scared me half to death when he moved. We should have gotten a picture but I was pretty freaked out.

I love those clouds!

That is the Disney ship that had been following us around. We were both in port that day so we saw tons of people decked out in Disney. Brendon kept saying things like, "Mickey sucks!" while we were walking behind them. We went over to their ship though, and it was pretty impressive. Even the sides of the ship were decked out in Disney. Can't imagine how expensive it would be though!

Off to mainland America, bittersweet and beautiful.

Our last towel animal, a monkey!

These guys and the guys below were our sweet table mates at our dinners. Canadians are awesome!

More Canadian friends!

 Our wonderful dinner family. We really lucked out with our table, everyone was so fun and our servers were the bomb. And yes Brendon is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. In Alaska.

 We came back to the states in Seattle. It was just as soggy as we imagined.

On our drive to the airport we went past Starbucks' headquarters! Now that I'm employed by a rival coffee company, they're a no-no.

After we arrived at the airport, like 6 hours early, we did a LOT of waiting. I got my hands wiped down for explosive residue going through security. I also had to go through that body scanner thing on the way to Vancouver, apparently I look like a threat. We had a TERRIBLE trip back to San Antonio. Worst flight experience of my entire life. We had a connecting flight in Denver, but on the way there we hit some wind shears, whatever those are. It was so bumpy and shaky and terrible. They tried landing on the strip 3 times (like descending and then dramatically pulling up and turning as we reached the airstrip) before giving up and flying to Colorado Springs to refuel. I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up at the same time, like shaking and sweating head in between my legs the entire time. In the row next to us were these poor girls from China who were all puking their lives up in their barf bags. It was truly terrible. Eventually we made it to Denver, only to find that our flight to San Antonio had left 15 minutes earlier without half their passengers (who were all on our plane). And of course it was like midnight so there were no flights until the next day. So we were stuck in Denver for a night with no luggage, and since missing our flight was caused by weather, we had to pay for our hotel. Such a mess. Luckily the hotel we stayed at was very nice and had toothbrushes, deodorant, etc. We were not looking cute the next day, but eventually we made it to San Antonio. And we are never flying Continental/United again.

But other than the delays on the flights leaving and coming home, the honeymoon was absolutely phenomenal. Looking through the pictures makes me miss it all so much! We had so much fun, I want to travel with Brendon forever. Can't wait to go on our second honeymoon. We're thinking Austria or Iceland. Haha, dream big right? Thank you all for enduring 6 posts and countless pictures of our trip. Sick of seeing mountains and our faces?

Also, I would like to welcome July into our lives with open arms. June was terrible to us and I have never been more happy to see a month go. We are very optimistic about the coming month, hopefully our finances will get back into order now that I'm working again and I will not catch some ridiculous sickness. Be good to us July. We need it.

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