Monday, June 3, 2013

The Great Austin Burger Quest: Doc's Bar & Grill

We are burger eating fiends lately. As we've gone pretty much vegetarian at home, we're basically getting all our meat lately from these burger quests. That's my excuse for the frequency.

Doc's has two locations, Doc's Motorworks on South Congress, and Doc's Backyard in Sunset Valley. We live near both, but we've only been to the one on South Congress. But I'm sure the other is great as well!

I got the Bleu Cheese and Peppercorn burger and Brendon got the Chipotle burger. I think Brendon may have out ordered me, although mine was delicious. The burgers are big and the buns are yummy. It's amazing what a difference a quality bun makes. The burger patty itself was alright, nothing special really, it was the toppings that made the burgers so good. That peppercorn sauce was boss and Brendon's chipotle sauce was amazing. Reeeeally good on fries.

Not a huge amount of options for sides. I didn't spy any veggies. We went with regular fries, but I think they have sweet potato fries as well as onion rings. As I've said before, I'm not nuts about fries and I wasn't nuts about these. They weren't bad, just nothing special. BUT, with the help of Brendon's chipotle sauce I ate a lot of them. That sauce man... so good.

Really awesome laid back vibe. Definitely a place you could chill out at for a while. You guys know how I feel about a good patio. And this place, it's got a good patio. It's not huge or anything, but it's got fans and misters and you can bring your dog if you're the doggie having type. And the chairs are super cute! There's also plenty of seating inside, and there's entertainment! There's shuffleboard and pool! And lots of tv's of course.

Decent price. Not super pricy, but pricier than fast food for sure. There are different drink specials everyday plus a happy hour Mon-Fri. Competitive pricing, probably what you'd pay at Applebees but it's waaaaay better. Ughhh Applebees. Did you live in Denton? Do you remember how often everyone went there?? It was like a thing. WHY?

I hate to be super pradictable here, but dang I like that patio. I'm all about patios, while the weather is still cool enough to enjoy them. It's an excellent place to people (and dog!) watch. It's right on South Congress so you can creep on everyone walking by. There are always fun folks on South Congress. Also, the fact that it is SUPER close to us doesn't hurt either. We are creatures of habit and we are very much in the habit of frequenting South Congress. It's just so easy.

Overall, good! Fun place to hang out and grab some drinks and grub. The burgers weren't technically the fanciest in the world, but they're good solid burgers. And the menu is huge if you're not in the mood for burgers. They have a fried avocado plate, y'all.

Aaaand here are the odd shots of your favorite Hogans, I know you've been waiting.

The above grainy awkwardness is evidence that we were again lazy, and documenting our burger quest via iPhone.


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