Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Great Austin Hamburger Quest: Sandy's Hamburgers

We drive by this place all the time and have said we needed to try it. It's a tiny little place, you can either walk up or drive thru. We walked up. It's been there forever, there's a little historical piece on the side of the building telling Sandy's story. I love a good story!


These burgers are of the thin fast food variety, but they're good. And I'm pretty sure they don't make them until your order them. Brendon says they're Whataburger (ironically next door) style burgers. The patties have a great flavor, they're kind of smoky! I ordered my norm; cheese, pickles, and mayo. Brendon got a cheese burger basically all the way (ew, lettuce!). You can add bacon or chili too! They're good burgers. Not phenomenal, but way better than McDonald's or Whataburger for that matter.

Fries. That's it, haha. But they're good as far as fries go. Actually, they're pretty close to McDonald's fries, which are my probably my favorite of fast food fries. So A+ on the fries, Sandy's! There's also custard and shakes and sundaes. Are those sides? Brendon had a dish of ice cream and I had a chocolate shake for dessert. And even though it wasn't Blue Bell, it wasn't bad!

It's not the best, but it's alright. The only tables to sit at are in the fairly small parking lot. And it may or may not have been a little stinky at times. Buuuut there's an okay view of downtown over the building. And it's super close to things we like, like Town Lake! And South Congress. But lets be real, this place is slightly grungy and funky and I was not trying to hang out for a while. It's quirky though?

This place gets kudos for excellent value. Super cheap but filling and yummy! They have a combo deal on Thursdays and Saturdays for a burger, fries, and a drink for $4.99. Super good deal. Ice creams real cheap too!

Ice cream? Or how about the birds that flock around you when you eat at the picnic tables? Or the pigeon with jacked up feet that kept staring at me and made me tear up? I don't have squat. The historical Austiny aspect is nice.

This place was cute and quirky, but with a good measure of grunge. Worth it for sure. I'm sure we'll be back, but I think next time we'll just drive thru. And they've got hotdogs on the menu, and I love a good hotdog. And of course, here's us:

Look at that goof. Two drinks are better than one. Blue powerade and a chocolate shake. Bonus.


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