Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wimberely, TX

Brendon and I had this weekend off together!!! Well mostly off, I had inventory Sunday night, but most of it was off with Brendon. This is a rarity you guys! Getting our schedules to mesh well is hard, and I write mine. Coffee shop hours match no ones hours unfortunately. So we took advantage of this off time and decided to go on a little day trip. Originally we wanted to go to Shiner, TX to tour the brewery but they don't do tours on the weekends. What's up with that, Shiner? After beer rejected us, Brendon suggested Wimberley and boom, an adventure was born. Wimberley is a small resort/touristy town less than an hour Southwest of Austin. And it just so happened that Saturday was the first Saturday of the month and a Wimberley Market Day! I've heard of this market day business, but had never been. It's basically like a giant garage sale/craft fair/flea market. It was great. So much stuff to look at. Also, if you're in the market for Pyrex, good lord this is the place to find it. I actually didn't purchase any because there was no thrill of the hunt. It was everywhere.

For my daddio.

Forgive all the photos of me. For once, all the photos in our batch of Brendon are blurry! I'm sorry Mr. Hogan, that's what I get for talking smack about your photo skills. I dropped the bomb this trip.

After meandering through thousands of booths, we checked out the little downtown area, which is right next to Cyprus Creek, so pretty! We grabbed some grub on the patio at a little place called Ino'z, which was surprisingly delicious. I love how green everything is here in Texas. So often everything is dried out and dead, it's lovely to see all the plants thriving from this recent rain. Keep it up weather, we need more water!

It was a wonderful day with my favorite human. Exploring places with Brendon is the best and greatest. Wimberley, you're cute! I can't wait to do this again soon. Small Texas towns, the Hogans are coming for you. Nearby states, you ought to beware as well.

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