Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shiner, TX

We have been all over Texas lately. Tuesday we drove over to Shiner, TX to check out, well, where they make Shiner! It was one of my favorite Texas trips with Brendon so far. Shiner is the cutest little town, we loved it. And the brewery was perfect. It's the coolest little place and so very Texan. We got to take a tour which also included four decent sized samples of beer. All for free! It was the best. You should go!

A lab with beer on the counter? Brendon, you are not using your biochemistry degree correctly.

The bottling room was my favorite. It was like "How it's Made" with a little "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" thrown in. They were bottling up Ruby Red Bird, which is currently my favorite beer. Maybe ever. They can only bottle one type of beer at a time and those big beautiful copper tanks up there can only brew eight types of beer at a time. I loved how small this place was but yet they were churning out so much beer! It's still family owned and operated and they only have 125 employees. What a fun place to work, huh? Oh and you get beer on your lunch break. Some guys stopped by the sample taps for a few little brews on their lunch. Best job ever?

Open your eyes sleepy head!

Yes, we got that ridiculous road sign. It's hanging in our bedroom. Tacky enough for you? I think it's perfect.

After touring the brewery and sampling all sorts of delicious beer, we explored the town a little. They claim to be the "cleanest town in Texas" and I might have to agree! It looked like a little town out of a movie. The houses were so cute! We stopped at a little candy shop (surprise) and then went to the coolest antique store that was also a bar! They serve beer and wine and have the cutest patio in the back. There were SO many beers to choose from. The sweetest lady who ran it let us in on all kinds of beer knowledge, she was a beer guru. Also, she makes a killer coffee fudge with Shiner Blacklager in it. Delicious.

The drive to Shiner is beautiful. We've been driving out and about towards the west lately, it was nice to see a little of the east. Sweet farm houses and rolling hills with the greenest fields. It was so pretty and again I am so thankful for all the rain that has Texas looking so green.

I am getting spoiled rotten with these little trips with Brendon. Can we do this forever? Just had adventures all the time? Life is so good without pharmacy school!

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