Sunday, June 23, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 25 - molasses cookies

This is not what I planned on baking this week. I originally was going to try out a recipe my momma suggested, however all of a sudden it was Saturday night and I hadn't baked squat. This week! So busy! So boom, molasses cookies happened via a recipe from my Women of the Farm Bureau Cookbook (this book, y'all... so many winners). Because I had all the ingredients and look at that recipe. LOOK AT THE THREE SENTENCE INSTRUCTIONS. So easy. And they turned out SO good. Some of the best cookies I've made ever. I completely overlooked the last sentence of the instructions and missed the powdered sugar. Completely missed it. Ironically, when we were trying them fresh out of the oven, I said to Brendon "these would be really good with sugar on them". Didn't notice until writing this post that the creator of these cookies thought so too. I think I might have added coarse sugar versus powdered, but regardless, they're delish even without sugar.

Don't let the fact that the cookie dough looks an awful lot like dog poo scare you away. I promise, that cookie dough is yummy.

These cookies are great fresh out of the oven, but I think they're even better the next day. They're so soft and chewy, which my cookies never seem to be a day after. They are perfect for breakfast with a glass of cold orange juice. Having cookies for breakfast is acceptable in my house. After sleeping in today (!!!) I sent Brendon a text at work after noshing on some cookies, remarking on how yummy they were, and he confirmed as he too had a breakfast o' cookies. Great minds.

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