Monday, June 10, 2013

Inks Lake

Saturday we did another little day trip (we're all about those now that there's no pharmacy school to study for) to Inks Lake State Park. Inks Lake is one of the many lakes in the lower Colorado lake system, just a few lakes north of Lake Austin and Town Lake! It was an easy and very pretty drive, we are so spoiled to have such lovely things all around us.

We did some serious hiking all over this place. We hiked a good 4-5 miles around the lake and through the surrounding woodland area. Most of it was intentionally hiked, but we went the wrong direction at first so we started off with a couple bonus miles under out belts. It was hot, but definitely bearable and it actually felt pretty good in the shade. We made the mistake of only bringing one water bottle though, next time, two fosho! Sharing water is hard, especially when physical activity in the heat is involved. Also, someone (me) didn't put sunscreen on their legs, awkward tan line alert! Luckily it's mostly disappeared already.

It was a truly beautiful hike. So many wildflowers, this spring has been good to us. Not pictured: the sweet little swimmin' hole at the tail end of the park. There's a giant granite rock brave folks jump off of, we had lots of fun watching. We didn't actually swim because I'm a huge wuss and scared of water. Also, there were a ton of people there. Children. Everywhere. It's pretty neat though, they have kayaks and canoes you can rent! Also not pictured: the awesome rash my legs were covered in from hiking through grass. I'm allergic to everything.

And if you're wondering why our pretty faces aren't featured:

Changing your settings between photos is overrated I guess. Blurry people everywhere. WHOOPS.

Inks Lake though, y'all. You should go. Get your hike on!

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