Sunday, June 9, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 23 - peach hand pies

WOO, cuttin' it close this week! It's been a very full and busy week, but I squeezed my baking in! Deb posted this recipe for rhubarb cream cheese hand pies Friday and I was like, yeah girl, lemme make those. Except with peaches because it's peach season!

Just a little butter, eh?

These little guys are real good! I wish I had put a little more fruit in the middle because dang that peach and cream cheese combo is amazing. But even so, these are very yummy. Deb's pie crust recipe is infallible, and this version has orange zest added in. It's as good as it sounds. These little pies are a taaaad labor intensive and create quite a bit of dishes, but they're worth it. I'm all about trying it with different fruits in the future.

We have eaten SO many of these today. We skipped dinner and just ate an unmentionable number of these. And I can't wait to have them for breakfast (and many snacks I'm sure) this week. I may or may not go get another right now.

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