Monday, May 6, 2013

The Great Austin Hamburger Quest - Shady Grove

Next up on ye olde Burger Quest, Shady Grove! We drive by this place ALL the time, and it's kind of an Austin standard. It was recommended for its burgers (thanks Roxanne!) so off we went. Brendon had been once before but it was my first time there. And I approve!

Here's the run down:

I got the Mushroom Cheeseburger and Brendon got the Green Chili Cheeseburger. These are decent sized burgers! I only managed to eat half, but I had the other half a couple days later at work and it was goooood. I love pickles and they hooked it up in the pickle department. Kudos Shady Grove. Brendon's burger had hatch green chili sauce and pepper jack cheese. He said the chili was on point but the patty was a little flavorless. I agree, the burger overall was delish, but the patty was a tad bland.

Your burger doesn't come with any sides here, which is kind of typical these days. We split a side of "frings" which were fries and onion rings, cute! The onion rings were awesome, I don't really like fries but Brendon said they were alright. There were tons of other options as well, including veggies! Yay veggies! Most of the time I jump on board the veggie train (to justify eating a big 'ol burger, plus I don't really like fried stuff), but I was feeling extra American that day.

WOOOO I could chill at this place for a while. Patio heaven. It's covered by the prettiest trees and has the best vibe. Laid back and chill. It's clean and very Austiny, a very pretty place to relax with a beer and a burger. You can eat inside as well, but I jumped on the patio boat real quick since the weather was so nice. Gotta get it while we can before summer gets here. They have all kinds of live music also, and although live music gives me anxiety, I'm sure it's great!

Value is good. It's a tad pricy for a burger considering that it doesn't come with any sides. But the burger was huge and not your cheapo fast food variety. And the atmosphere is worth it. Aaaand they had an awesome happy hour! Unlike some places that have an unattainable random time of the day happy hour, theirs is M-F from like 4-7 plus a different drink special every week day! I'm a sucker for good a happy hour.

This, you guys, this:

TAMALE CAKES. I know this is about burgers, but this appetizer is amazing. It's tamale pancakes, pulled pork, queso, and hatch green chili. IT IS AMAZING. Like, I'm drooling right now.

Final verdict? I am a fan of this place. We decided that Opal Divine's burgers are better, but in the overall vibe department, Shady Grove wins. The rest of their menu looks amazing and I'm all about chillin' on their patio. I'm real sad I'd never been before, but it's officially been added to our rotation of hang out spots. Well done Shady Grove, well done.

After gorging on good food, we stopped and waved hello to downtown. Because you can never get enough of that skyline. Austin, you're so pretty! We love you!

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