Saturday, May 4, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 18 - chocolate chip cookies

PHEW, you guys. This week was a close one. I barely squeezed in time to bake, and what I did bake wasn't all that original. Chocolate chip cookies, specifically, the recipe on the bag of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chips. It's the recipe my mom made growing up and it will always be my favorite. My cookies never turn out as good as hers did, but that's typical. She has those "mom powers".

This cookie dough, divine.

They came out a little, flat? But they're delicious so whatever. I apologize for the slight lameness of this weeks baked good. Life has been all kinds of busy and I have been all kinds of tired. I think I have, as my dad likes to say, the African sleeping sickness. Not really, but really, I'm so tired. All the time. There is never enough sleep. Buh.

Aaaand I leave you with, my favorite cat butt:

Sophie is the best baking assistant. She loves being in the kitchen while I cook. She meows at me and rolls around at my feet, and while things bake she allows me to hold her. I think she just likes how warm the oven makes the kitchen, but I like to think she likes hanging out with me.

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