Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & Landa Park

First and foremost, lets take a moment to celebrate my sweet momma. I love her and she's the best mom in the world. THE BEST.

We celebrated with her on Mother's Day down in New Braunfels. We had some yummy Mexican food, chocolate for dessert, and then watched the Spurs game (sorry they didn't win!). Well we watched most of it. I have a problem with stressful situations (like stressful movies, or for example, a stressful basketball game), so Brendon and I escaped for a bit to Landa Park. We caught the last quarter but after it went into overtime we had to call it quits to have some Mother's Day time with my sweet mother-in-law!

Brendon and I split mole enchiladas and MAN they were good. So bueno.

It had been a couple years since we had been to Landa Park. Growing up I spent SO much time there, it's neat to see how much has changed and how much hasn't. When Brendon and I were dating in high school we'd come here and hang out, holding hands on the benches. You know, high school stuff.

Landa Park is pretty awesome. New Braunfels has itself a winner. It's huge, honestly it gives Zilker Park a run for it's money. It's beautiful and is full of the most grand live oak trees! And it's got: the natural spring beginning of the Comal River, both springfed and chlorine public pools, a train (!), putt-putt golf, a real golf course, a dance floor, wicked playgrounds, an awesome hiking trail, paddle boats, volleyball, horseshoes, and a snack bar that serves bluebell ice cream. Oh and ducks that love bread. I'm sure I'm missing other awesome things, but I mean geeze, that's a really legit park for a relatively small town!

And we ended our little park adventure how any day in the park should end, with a snow cone!

Sunday was a really lovely day spent with lovely people. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you again Mom for being a wonderful human and such a good mom. You really are the best.

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