Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Autism Speaks 8k

Sunday, Brendon and I ran the Autism Speaks 8k at Camp Mabry here in Austin. This is the reason I started running again, actually, I registered for this race to force myself to start running again. Coffee Bean was the major sponsor, so a few of my fellow caffeine dealers ran it as well. Autism is something Brendon and I care a lot about and have personal experience with, so it was cool to be there for this and to work with this organization.

8k is about 5 miles, which is the farthest I think I've ever run. Woo, for some that may not be impressive, but for me, it's something. This was actually my first real race. I've run 5k obstacle courses before (I don't think that counts) but never just a straight up run. And I loved it! I love the positive energy everyone has and I even loved the competitive aspect of it. I did alright, about how I expected. I was basically right in the middle placement-wise, 134 out of like 260 runners and 17 out of 34 in my age group. Brendon would have kicked butt fosho, but he hung back to run with me. I'll get faster babe I promise!

The weather for this bad boy was gross. It was POURING when we left and raining when we got there, but luckily it stopped just in time for the race. However, it was humid beyond belief. Like running through soup. And phewwww, the course at Camp Mabry is hilly! It's a loop you do twice and the first half of the loop is easy peasy, but the second is full of hills. Cray cray hills. It was a lot tougher than our usual run at Town Lake, but it was fun. Also there were boy scouts cheering us on and giving high fives so that was motivating. Can't stop running in front of some 10 year olds!

Duane and Whitney, two of my team members representing our little store in the hills! Duane got 7th overall (!!) and 1st in his age group. He's a pro fosho.

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to running more races! And doing better! One day I'll place and get one of those cool medals. And by cool I mean cheapo, but still, I want one.

And in case you missed this face on instagram, here's my boo:

Scary. Looks a bit like a demonic Joseph Gordon Levitt. On crack. Run on, y'all!

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