Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Great Austin Burger Quest - Mighty Fine

Our most recent stop on the Burger Quest: Mighty Fine. Mighty Fine is a fast food style joint, I believe started by the folks that own the Austin franchise of Rudy's Bar-B-Q (or so I over heard the cashier telling the guests in front of us). I love me some Rudy's and this place is pretty dang good too! I don't know how we stumbled upon this place, I think someone recommended it to us. We frequent the one in South Austin, but there are a few up north as well.

They write your order on the bag your burger will come in and they always ask for your first name and last initial. We like to give fun names. This time I was too slow to think of something clever, but we had just watched the new Star Trek (this deserves it's own paragraph), so Brendon was Captain James Tiberius Kirk. We've been all sorts of people, but we tend to stick to HP; recently we've been Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater, James and Lilly Potter, and one time Brendon was Voldemort. Although they wouldn't call out Voldemort, I guess they were just scared of saying the Dark Lord's name out loud.

It's a pretty good basic burger. Their menu is simple, either a half or quarter pound burger with or without cheese. Then you pick red (ketchup), yeller (mustard), or white (mayo) and your standard burger toppings. I got my go-to plain jane burger, cheese, mayo, and pickles. Brendon got some lettuce on his. Have I told you that I hate lettuce? Especially shredded lettuce? Oh dear lord, shredded lettuce is the nastiest. Off topic! These burgers are good. I would liken them to Five Guys. They're grilled fresh and they make the patties in the store. You can actually see them make them! There's a cool little window into their prep area and their kitchen is open as well. They're flavorful and juicy and although the bun is a little plain, as far as fast food burgers go, this place is fancy.

I do not like their fries. Just putting that out there now. I am not really a reliable judge though because I'm not nuts about fries in general, but they're crinkle cut and I hate me some crinkle cut fries. Brendon loves them. They don't really have a whole lot of options as far as sides go, but they do have a "locals" menu that offers Frito pie. I love Frito pie. So American. I've never tried it (seems a little too American to get a burger and a Frito pie), but it's nice to know it's there.

Have you ever been to Rudy's? The set up here is basically the same. Big long tables with lots of chairs. Very casual. The building itself isn't anything special (very much an existing space in a shopping center), but the place is clean and organized. The customer service here is on point. These are probably the nicest cashiers you'll find. They always ask how your day is and they're always so cheerful. I think they're better than the folks at Chick-Fil-A and that's saying something. Kudos to the team and management running this place, they have got customer service down.

It's on the high end of fast food prices, but it's definitely a good deal. It's a quality product for sure, and you're only paying about $5 for a good burger. As seems to be tradition, the burgers don't come anything, your sides and drinks are extra. But for excellent service and yummy food, I think it's a great deal.

Blue. Bell. Milkshakes. I generally hate ice cream. The only exception is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. I LOVE that stuff, and that's what Mighty Fine uses to make their shakes. Oh their shakes. We have only eaten burgers at Mighty Fine a couple times, but we have been a gazillion times to get shakes. Like an embarrassing number of times. I was ecstatic when I found out they have Blue Bell ice cream. A chocolate shake with Blue Bell vanilla is my happy place. It's what my mom made us growing up and it's the only kind of shake I'll consume. They have multiple flavors, including the local flavor and Brendon's usual, lemon. They have seasonal flavors as well, the most recent was banana cream pie, Brendon loved it. I always stick to chocolate.

Also they have a chandelier in the woman's bathroom. It's the nicest bathroom ever for a burger joint. ALSO, they have a hand washing machine. Brendon uses it every time we go. Because he's 8 years old.

Forgive the quality of the photos, we went on this burger quest spontaneously so I had to use the ol' iPhone camera. But it takes pretty dang good pictures!

OH, and go see Star Trek. Seriously. It's so good and so cute and endlessly entertaining. I may have enjoyed it more than Iron Man 3, but don't tell Tony Stark. The effects are wonderful. I love the sparkly blue trail that the ships leave when going into warp. It's the little things you guys. And of course, Spock, I love you.


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