Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Greg cuddles

Greg is, most likely, the most cuddly and affectionate cat in the entire world. He LOVES to cuddle. With me in particular. In fact as I am typing, he is snoozing on me pretty much just like picture above. He is a cuddling machine. It's sweet, but also a tad annoying. Also, hazardous for black clothing. ALSO, hazardous for your skin because Greg happens to be high strung as hell. The other night we were chillin', watching tv or something, Greg was curled up on my chest, not unlike this:

Obviously chillin' like a villian. SOMEONE's got it made.

Anywho, so Greg is basically living on my chest and we're just hanging out as a happy little family. Then freakin' out of absolutely NO WHERE he flips shit and FLINGS himself into the wall behind the couch and then flies off to who knows where. In a matter of milliseconds. And where does he get the traction for this crazy maneuver? MY SKIN Y'ALL. My chest, side, and armpit to be exact. This is why he is so cute. Because if he were not, he would be long gone. That shit hurt. Remember that time one of the cats jumped on my head? Pretty sure it was Greg. That cat has issues. He's lucky he's so good looking and so sweet.

What's that? You want to see more crummy webcam pics of me and Greg? Oh how perfect, I have some right here!

Here's Greg headbutting me. He likes to head butt to show how much he loves you. And that's the old couch he tore to pieces. Literally.

Here's Greg getting some kisses. He LOVES kisses. A lot. And hey, it's me with bangs and short hair!

Here's Greg after a rough day at the office. Obviously he has a really hard life. Sometimes it's just too much for him to handle.

Here's Greg when he was a kitten, a little too scared to cuddle yet. He was soooo shy at first. The first day we had him he hid under the bed the entire time until we fell asleep. We woke up to him purring and snuggling in between us. And that's where it all began. Who knew we had adopted the sweetest little kitty in the world? He was a totally different color then, so much lighter. He was (and still is, although he's now a chunky monkey) SO CUTE. And my hair was black at the time. Not so cute.

And because I feel we aren't showing Sophie enough love today:

Here's Sophie curled up in my lap. She can be sweet too. Every now and then... when she wants to be.

Also, I felt I needed to share this picture with you:

Yes, that is a cat butt. Sophie's in fact. Found this gem while looking for pictures of Greg gettin' all up on me. YES I take a bunch of pictures of myself with my cats, so what? Does that make me weird? Maybe (yes). Do I care? NOPE.

Thanks for stopping by the crazy cat lady blog y'all. I swear, the next post will contain no cats. Maybe.

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