Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Dang how original is that title? SO creative. Prepare yourself for tons of family photos y'all. Are you ready? Okay. Let's do this.

We decided to spend our first Christmas morning as married folk here in Austin. We opened the couple little things we got each other and hung out with the cats a bit before we headed down to New Braunfels to see family. It was a nice and relaxing way to start my first Christmas as a Hogan.

 Ummm, cutest picture of Mr. H ever? I thinkso.

 Can you spy Sophie? The wrapping paper was her Christmas present. She approved. And if you're wondering, she gave me toe socks.

 Opening my gifts! Also, shout out to the caffeine free diet coke in the corner. I got some from Brendon and my mom for Christmas. I might have a problem.

Sleepy heads! Our cute pjs are courtesy of Brendon's sweet momma. Deb gives us pajamas every year on Christmas Eve so we look fancy for Santa. She always picks out the cutest stuff, I still have all 6 sets (our first Christmas together we had only been together for less than a month, we weren't yet to the pajama stage)!

Round two was Christmas at my momma's house with my sister, her man Alex, and their friend Robert. Also, it must be stated that my mom makes the best breakfast taco feast EVER. Every Christmas. So good.

 This is what Brendon calls, my "bitch" face. Sorry for the profanity! But it is what it is. I use it when necessary.

 Julies dog/daughter Ava. She's a labra-dane. So shiny! And hyper!

 My mom, with help from Ava, opening her giant bag. I made her 5 throw pillows, three green and two red. I'd show you pictures, but they're not that exciting.

Me and my hat! I got two hats, I'm so excited! My early morning drives to work are so cold, I needed something to keep my head warm badly. I wore one this morning and it was awesome.

 Cuties in their matching hats!

Okay, I have to apologize, there are like no pictures of Brendon and the ones we got are lame. He did all the photo taking. Which is too bad because he looked so handsome!

Probably my cutest face.

For round three we headed to my daddio's house to have Christmas with my him, my step momma, and step bro. There aren't too many pictures, we started to run out of steam. And by we I mean Brendon because he was the photographer.

 Don't they look so stoked?

 I look horrendous, but hey, it's a picture of Brendon!

 My dad did the best regift ever. He got this sweatshirt from my great grandma twenty something years ago and had it all this time, it had never been worn He gave it to Brendon. It's a truly heinous sweatshirt. It's not even white, it's like... cream. Brendon was so confused when he opened it until my dad started cracking up.

Annual sittin' on the fireplace photo, with hats! Those sombreros were from our rehearsal dinner/fiesta. There was a dollar still taped to the brim of one.

After a feast of turkey and yummy sides, we headed back to my mom's for a few rounds of uno. Brendon won basically every game. I think he was hiding wild cards up his sleeves. Monday my sister, mom, and I drove to Houston to see my grandpa and aunt, uncle, and cousins. It was good to see everyone as always and we had some fantastic mexican food! There are no pictures because at that point I was truly exhausted and a major sleepy head. Also I am lazy.

Major highlights of Christmas include: My mom giving me and my sister cook books she made full of her signature and amazing recipes (seriously, SO GRATEFUL, so much yumminess! although I know I still wont be able to cook them like she does), my dad getting me the wood and hardware to build my easel (although I was seriously confused when I opened a box of nuts and hinges), and spending a day full of goodness and love with my favorite people in the world. Also eating until I thought I may die. 

Christmas is always a little sad for me because I am saying farewell to my favorite season. But at the rate time is flying I know it will be here again before we know it. Next up is New Years! Do you have big plans? Because we sure don't! I can't remember the last time I stayed up past midnight, but I am determined to do so! We will welcome 2012 into our lives and then probably pass out immediately. What wild party animals we are!

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