Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sugar cookies

I made some holiday cookies and wrapped them up for Brendon's pharmacy school friends as little good luck presents for their week of finals. Brain food! Brendon says that eating a high caloric meal before tests is good for brain function. But I think that's just his excuse for always pregaming with Wendy's. Mainly though, I made these cookies for Brendon. He's a fan of cookies. The last time I made some I got to eat ONE before they somehow all disappeared.

These are just very simple sugar cookies with icing. Painting, and mixing, the icing is the most fun, however those candy canes were a challenge. Don't judge my stripes. I need to get a little brush made for painting on icing, I've been using this huge wide brush that I think is for like basting turkeys or something. Oh well it works! And they don't look too terrible. I used this recipe for the cookies and this recipe for the icing. Easy peasy and the options are endless! Think of the cookie cutter possibilities! Cookies for every occasion! Williams Sonoma has some Star Wars cookie cutters I need to get my hands on. Also these ABC cookie cutters are awesome.

OH cookies, you are so yummy. I love you.

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