Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weather happened!

Believe it or not people, weather has decided to visit us here in Austin. It rained for the past like 5 days, a good steady rain. I finally got to wear my rain boots (that are far too big, buying shoes online is dumb) I bought this spring before moving to Austin and into the driest summer ever. I figured it would never rain, but it did! Quite a bit! And now it is cold, cold, COLD. I mean, cold for Texas. The low tonight is 25. That's pretty chilly, quite literally freezing. I'm glad it's finally wintery! But I don't want to talk about how there was snow in Denton already. Butt heads, send some our way okay?

So, we're finding out that this apartment, although very good at staying cool (our electric bill throughout this insanely hot summer was not bad at all), cannot hold heat to save it's life. Yes, to save an apartments life. But really, it's freezing in here and the heat is on full blast. I'm wearing knee high thick socks, fuzzy house shoes, jeans, a sweater, and a bathrobe with the hood up.

And I have a sweet cuddly and slightly annoying Greg to keep me warm.

Brendon has a blanket on his lap to keep him warm, I have a Greg. Although he's more on my chest/entire body.

Brendon was not very excited about me taking pictures. In fact, he gave me the "death-look" when he heard the camera sound my computer makes. He's been in hardcore study mode, his finals start tomorrow. Poor thing! But this time next week he will be DONE! And then he's all mine until mid-January. But until next Tuesday, it's pharmacy school fest 2011 up in here. I'm trying hard not to distract him, but it happens. I keep giggling and trying to show him funny animal videos. I should probably banish myself to the other room. Or go make something. I have been a lazy everything crafter lately, the craft Goddesses frown upon me.

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