Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Great Austin Burger Quest: 1886 Cafe & Bakery

This was not originally intended to be a burger quest, but it was so good, it quested itself. The 1886 Cafe & Bakery is in the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. Brendon took me there as a surprise (I told him I wanted to go on a date, and he delivered), and we did not plan on ordering burgers (and I actually didn't) but this burger basically ordered itself.

LOOK AT IT. It's beautiful. Scroll back up, you need to. Brendon got the Hangover Burger which is topped with chili and brown sugar bacon, cheddar cheese, a perfectly fried egg (put an egg on it always), and hash browns. Everything that is good in this world. It was SO GOOD. I mean, I feel like maybe... the best?? I don't know y'all, but it rocked my world and I didn't even order it. I did not order a burger, I ordered pulled pork sliders with pimento cheese and fried pickles. It was also freaking amazing. I would have never thought of pimento cheese with pulled pork, but good lord, so yummy.

Brendon got fries that came in that adorable little fry basket (I died!), and I got a side of fruit. I love it when sides of fruit are an option! They have all kinds of other sides too! I can't remember if the fries were good, I don't think I had any, but they disappeared quickly. And both of our meals came with the cutest little jar of homemade bread and butter pickles on. We are pickle people, so we loved that nonsense.

This place is adorably old. The walls are covered in ancient fabric and the floor is tiled in the sweetest tiny hexagon style tiles. Stained glass doors, beautiful dark wood, it was very pretty. Also so many windows! I love me some natural light. Plus, you're downtown on 6th street so, bonus, people watching!

This is not fast food. It's actually on the high end as far as burgers go (I think Brendon's was $13?), but so worth it. It's a nice place and the food is delicious. For the atmosphere and quality of product, I think it's a great deal. We did not inquire about happy hours or drink specials, but I imagine there are some!

It's in the Driskill Hotel. We had never been in there before and we loved it. There will be a whole separate post. Our server was so sweet and gave us lots of information about the hotel and the ghosts that haunt it. I love love love me a good historic building, and I love when other people love it too! Our server seemed to really enjoy his job, I cannot tell you how far that goes with me. Kudos.

This place was really kind of a surprise. I mean literally, because I didn't know we were going there, and also because I thought they'd have pastries and light sandwiches, not badass burgers. Very impressed and we will definitely be back. They are apparently known for their desserts, so I was super bummed when I was too stuffed to partake. Next time for sure.

More questing and stay tuned for our search for ghosts in the Driskill Hotel!

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