Saturday, August 10, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 32 - lemon cake with black tea icing

So, I was thinking about lemon cookies. We had some fairly terrible ones at a bakery in Waco a couple weeks back and I haven't stopping thinking about making some decent ones. However, dreams of lemon cookies turned into dreams of lemon cake and this is what happened this week: lemon cake with black tea icing. How amazing is that combination? I cannot take credit for it, the recipe is here from honey & jam. Brilliant idea.

Also, can we talk about this lemon zest infused sugar? SO many possibilities. Sprinkle it all over your life.

Oh, and I tried to make some candied lemon slices... except I didn't tend them very well and they ended up as caramelized lemon slices. Not as good, I promise.

This cake. It's good. It is light and fluffy and perfectly lemony without being punch you in the mouth sweet. And that icing? Mind blown. Adding tea to icing is genius. It tastes like black tea! Not fantastic alone, but with the sweet lemon cake, it is perfect. Green tea icing anyone? And really, following that icing recipe you could add any sort of liquid and flavor your icing accordingly. I love the possibilities! My only complaint is that my icing was a bit too soft and melty, possibly due to the addition of quite hot tea. Perhaps adding it after it was chilled might be better. But I also think if I had just beat it a little longer it would have been the perfect consistency. Now I know.

Although this cake was a bit labor intensive (as zesting lemons always is), it was a lot of fun and a challenge. And I mean black tea icing?? Sheesh, so clever. Clearly I am not over it.

Go on. Make this cake. Your summer needs it. Maybe your winter too.

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