Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flower crowns and four legged friends

After getting back from the White Sands, we headed back to the campsite to chill out. As soon as we pulled up to our tent, it started raining! It was perfect timing because the windows of tent were definitely open. So we jumped out of the car and snuggled up in the tent while a terrific thunderstorm raged outside. Brendon read a book (we're on that Game of Thrones nonsense) and I eventually zonked out and had a little nap. I woke up about an hour later to bright warm sunshine that turned our tent into a little oven. A nap in the mountains during a thunderstorm? Up there on my list of awesome life moments.

After stumbling out of the tent and waking up a bit, I got down on making a flower crown. As soon as I saw all those flowers in our meadow, I knew I had to get my crown on. It was actually really easy and fun! I used nothing but flowers and leaves to hold it all together and it worked out pretty dang well, except for that bug that ended up in my hair.

It looks better on him. I used the white flowers as my base, used long blades of grass to tie them together into a circle, and then just kind of threaded in the other flowers. Not too shabby if I may say so! It held up for the rest of our time there and we left it at our campsite, so hopefully another camper found it and made use of it!

After my flower making escapade, we did a little hiking through the mountains around our campsite. I cannot express enough how much I loved it here, it was so beautiful. Although it was beyond pretty and green, this forest is still recovering from a terrible forest fire from June of last year. So many charred, fallen down trees. It was heartbreaking, but thanks to all the rain, much of the forest is recovering! Nature always finds a way.

Lookie there! A little friend! She just stared at us and then went on munching on her grass while we took selfies.

While camping we ate all of our dinners by campfire. We brought lots of veggies to grill and made a pit stop for some hotdogs (GASP, meat!) and of course we roasted marshmallows. Cooking on a campfire is my new favorite. We had some roasted corn that was to die for. Also, check out our dinner guests!

There was a herd of deer just hanging out in the meadow with us while we cooked and ate dinner. They came down the mountain side, one by one. There ended up being like ten of them and three were little babies! The grass was so high you could barely see them. Best dinner entertainment ever.

You know there's more to come! This is going to be like a week of New Mexico, y'all. Sorry boutcha eye balls.
The rest of the trip here.

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