Thursday, August 15, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 33 - chocolate chip pretzels

These pretzels! Holy hell, they are good but holy hell, I almost threw my mixer out the window making them. This recipe is from Deb's cookbook, Smitten Kitchen, and it's also online here.

So like I said, my mixer and I had words with these pretzels. The recipe asks you to beat the dough for 10 minutes with a paddle attachment. Holla, my little sunbeam mixer does not have a paddle attachment. So I attempted to mix the dough for ten minutes with regular beaters. Dear lord, y'all. My mixer and I battled it out. It was trying real hard to jump of the counter/spin the bowl off into my face. All the dough would wrap around one beater at a time and then the whole thing would be off balance and would attempt to take off into orbit. I punched the mixer, not intentionally (although I wanted to), more than once. It was rough and required far more physical exertion than I usually like to experience while baking. BUT, it worked. And these pretzels are amazing.

They are the perfect texture of chewy and fluffy and crisp and soft. The chocolate, salt, sugar ratio is perfect so I don't even mind that they look like dog poos. I love these pretzels and have been eating them in pairs because one just isn't enough. Aside from the mixer wrestling match (one day I will own a Kitchen Aide stand mixer), they were really lots of fun to make. Especially rolling them out and forming them. The dough is so stretchable and pliable and awesome. And I mean, pretzels! They're so cute! Now that I know I can make pretzels at home, I feel my life has changed for the better. I foresee more pretzels in my future.

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