Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Driskill Hotel and LBJ Presidential Library

As discussed in the previous post, I told Brendon I wanted him to take me on a date, and he said "okay". This boy delivered.

We had lunch at the Driskill's 1886 Cafe & Bakery and then explored all around the hotel. The Driskill Hotel is OLD, huge, and supposedly haunted. We were on the prowl for ghosts. We went all over that hotel and it is beautiful! The details, oh my goodness! So much care went into it (and moola, the builder of the hotel, said to haunt it today, was a Colonel who spent an unprecedented amount of money building the Driskill, then went bankrupt and lost the whole thing in a card game). It is a monster of a place. There are all kinds of ballrooms, two restaurants, and gigantic double doored suites called things like, "the cattle baron". We went up and down the elevators, through a bunch of floors, into some ballrooms, and Brendon even tried out a bathroom.

The main hotel was built in, well, 1886, and then there is a "tower" addition that was built in 1930. Monstrous, I tell you. So cool.

There were paintings up and down every hallway in the hotel. So so so many paintings. All with their own little lamp. Floors upon floors of the sweetest little paintings of all varieties. It was the coolest thing and only slightly creepy. Also, we tried to sneak up onto the roof, but this is as far as we got; the view from the top:

The elevator in the main lobby was the creepiest thing about the hotel. It sounded so spooky! It was clearly ancient but I'm sure it was ghosts making those eerie noises. Here's a Brendon-ghost:

After ghost busting through the Driskill, Brendon took me to the LBJ Presidential Library. It was pretty neat! Lots of info about LBJ and all kinds of cool... artifacts? His presidential limo is in the lobby!

Just a few books.

There was this ridiculous wind tunnel on your way into, and in our case out of, the library. So of course we had to take pictures. I'm Cousin It obviously:

Dates with Brendon are the best. I think I'll have to make more requests for them. But first, it will be my turn to take him on a date! I've already cooked up some ideas. I'm thinking mani-pedis for sure. ;)

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