Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Great Austin Hamburger Quest: Hill's Cafe

It's been a while since we've burger quested, eh? Our semi-vegetarian lifestyle (which I find explained well as "flexitarian", these folks say it best) has put a bit of a cramp in our questing. However, it is not over! We tried out Hill's Cafe last night, because we heard word that they had a fantastic burger with three different meats on it. I mean, if you're going to eat meat, go big!

Handsome man, you are hurting my eyes. Also, here's an awkward girl with a beer, because clearly I can't handle myself in photos:

Hill's Cafe is the cutest. We'd never been before, even though it's super close and we drive by it often. And we will be back.

A++. We both got the Country Bob Burger which has a burger patty (obv), bacon, brisket, a fried egg (!), and American cheese (although somehow I think I ended up with a white cheese of some sort, not complaining, it was still delish!). The brisket was the best part. I love love love brisket. It's one of the reasons I don't think I'll ever be able to go full vegetarian. This burger was amazing and huge and you need it in your life. The buns are great; they're not just buns out of a bag (those are always such a let down). I got a kolache bun (yes, it's as good as it sounds) and Brendon got a jalapeno cheese bun. And I think I've discussed my love of fried eggs on burgers previously, but whoever thought that up is a genius and I love them.

YES for side variety! As this place is not just a burger joint, they've got all kinds of sides to choose from, including actual veggies! I got mac and cheese, because how can you ever turn down mac and cheese when it's an option, and Brendon got sweet potato fries. Both were very good. I can't gush over how much I love side options enough. The more the merrier.

Excellent. The place is old as heck, but incredibly clean and well taken care of. And HUGE. That place is humungous. It's got random decor of all varieties, giving your eyes endless entertainment while your mouth is full of good food. The service was amazing, everyone was so nice. The hostess was sweet, our server was sweet, and so was the guy who I'm assuming was a manager who checked on us. Everyone just seemed pleased to be there which is SO RARE these days. Great service goes such a long way with us. Way to go Hill's.

Definitely a good deal. Not a five dollar burger by any means, but for getting a burger of that size (and variety of meat!), it was an excellent deal. And they have a great happy hour, like a dollar off beer and two off specialty drinks, although their drinks are already decently priced. Excellent bang for your buck.

Aside from that ridiculous(ly awesome) burger? Chive butter. I know that sounds weird, but I happen to LOVE butter and infused butter is even better. You get rolls with your meal (another bonus, we love bread) and they come with that chive-y goodness. I need to learn how to make fancy butter. Stat.

As I think you can tell, we loved Hill's Cafe. And we will be back. I have my eyes on some brisket tamales (doesn't that sound divine??) and I know Brendon is head over heels in love with that big ol' burger. Thank you Hill's for a great reason to keep on burger questing, finding food gems like you that are right under our noses!

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