Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes from the homeland

Hello internet! Meet Mia, the newest member of my Dad's ever growing animal family. Isn't she the cutest? Saturday we spent the day down in New Braunfels at my Dad's, just hanging out. It was so relaxing. We hung out with the animals, laid by the pool, and my dad and Brendon had an epic afternoon of badminton. I also took a nap, which is worth mentioning because I never get to take naps. AND my dad made the best brisket I've ever had. Best. Ever.

That donkey!!! She is the sweetest thing. She loves to be pet and will follow you around to make sure that you do pet her. Such a fluffy sweetie!

Brendon taking an old tractor for a spin. My dad has three or four 1940's Ford tractors that he rebuilt and uses on his property. They're so cool.

My Dad's beeeeautiful cedar barn that is just about finished. He's built it all by hand(!!!) and the inside is as pretty as the outside. Daddio, build me a casa!? Those donkey's have a sweet crib.

Spending time at my Dad's house always leaves me feeling well rested. It's so laid back and as much as I love living in the city, it's beyond nice to get back to the country. There's a calmness out there that settles your soul. It's refreshing and we need to get out there more often.

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