Friday, July 5, 2013

The Great Austin Hamburger Quest: Hut's Hamburgers

Hut's Hamburgers was suggested to us by a couple folks when we first started burger questing, and we finally had the chance to go! We've been slacking on our burger questing, mostly because we've been busy as heck, and my vegetarian streak has been going strong. Tomorrow morning will make it basically a week with no meat for me (aside from a bite of Brendon's burger at Hut's...). The original plan was to just cut down on our meat intake, but I've been enjoying how good veggies make me feel and honestly just haven't been in the mood for carne. SO, at Hut's I ordered a veggie burger. We'll discuss that outcome shortly.

I got a veggie Boodieburger which had grilled mushrooms, swiss cheese, and sour cream. Brendon got the Wolfman which had green chilies, sour cream, jack cheese, and bacon. Brendon out ordered me. I did NOT like their veggie burger. It was dry and seedy and just not good. Have you had P.Terry's veggie burger? That thing is on point and something similar was what I was expecting. The toppings were great, the patty was just awful. But I know better now. Brendon's burger was awesome, so if meat is an option for you, get it at Hut's. They also have different types of patties (buffalo, chicken, longhorn) to choose from. I will be going full carnivore next time. In fact, I'll probably get the Wolfman!

Originally we thought they just had your typical fried sides (fries, onion rings, fried pickles) but then we saw a sign on the wall that had their sides of the day and there were actual veggies available. Of course we saw this after ordering. We got cheese fries with chipotle mayo. And that mayo was real good! Their fries were a little meh, thick and a bit soggy (via the cheese), I prefer thin and crispy fries if I'm going to eat them. But the cheese and chipotle mayo were a pretty good combo.

This place is adorable. It's a little 50's style diner that probably hasn't changed much since it opened. For being as old as it is, it's well taken care of and seems pretty clean. There's all kinds of school and sports pennants which is cute, North Texas represent! The service was great and our server had a Spurs cap on, bonus points!

SUPER affordable. So cheap. Our whole meal was like $14. The burgers don't come with sides (standard) but the sides are huge and totally shareable. They also have deals on certain days where you can buy one burger get another of the same for a half off. We didn't get any adult beverages, so I couldn't tell you how the pricing on those are but they didn't have any happy hour special or anything when we went.

Location! I'm a big fan of West 6th street, not at all a fan of the grungy 6th that Austin is so famous for. I love the area. Great view of downtown and you are just a block away from Whole Foods, which we just went to for the first time ever. I don't know if all Whole Foods are like that one, but we were blown away. That place is amazing. They're doing it right! Also, we saw Elijah Wood there. Twice. I made serious awkward eye contact with him, it was awesome. This just became more about Whole Foods than, Hut's. My bad! I'm just still in awe of the place. I did not feel cool enough to be there.

Overall I loved Hut's! I failed by ordering the veggie burger (WHY SO DRY!?), but everything else was great. Cute little place. We'll be back I'm sure!

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