Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fishing Lake Austin

Thursday my dad picked Brendon and I up at 6am to get our fish on at Lake Austin. This was the first time I'd been fishing since I was young young young. And I loved it! Lake Austin is so beautiful, and we went on the perfect day. We got there right after all the rain finally cleared out, and the lake was covered in fog. It slowly burned off as the sun came out, it was so pretty.



I drive over this bridge everyday on my way to work, it was so nice to finally be one of those boats ON the lake! Brendon caught a fish, my dad caught a bunch, and I caught nothin'. But I still had a blast. Watching my dad fish was pretty awesome. That man knows what he's doing. As my Aunt said, he's the fish whisperer. It's insane. It's like those fish just jump into the boat for him. He's got some smooth fishin' moves. I was impressed.

Also, see my skin? See everywhere that's not covered by clothes? SUNBURNT. I've got the best tank top and shorts tan line. Even rockin' the watch tan line. See that hole in my shorts? Nice red square on my leg now. It was so foggy at first, but that sun came out with a vengeance and your girl is pale. I failed in the SPF department and am paying for it. Worth it though. Ready to fish again, next time I plan on catching something.

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