Friday, July 5, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 27 - 4th of July cake

For the 4th I wanted to bake something patriotic so I went to my go to summer fruits, strawberries and blackberries! I used a Smitten Kitchen recipe for strawberry summer cake, and just added blackberries. This recipe is stupid easy and you could swap out whatever fruit you'd like. It's actually very similar to this cobbler I made in March, just a little fluffier and more cakey. And although this is made in a pie pan and looks an awful lot like a pie, IT IS A CAKE! Brendon has been calling it a pie and even had me saying "I think I'll have a slice of that pie.... CAKE." Whatever it is, it's good.

Butter and sugar. The way all great things begin.

Delicious served with freshly whipped cream (what's not?). Because you cover the top with sugar before you bake it, it creates the best crisp sweet crust on top while the bottom is light and fluffy. I love this cake and plan on making it again, testing out different fruits. Although the strawberry is pretty unbeatable. The blackberries I got were a tad on the sour side and they're a bit seedy for me. But I needed that blue for the patriotic aspect! And I'm not nuts about blueberries, although if you are I think this would be excellent with them. Raspberries too. Peaches. Try it all.

Also, two posts in one day, y'all. Watch out.

More weeks-o-baking!

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