Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday photo 2015

We got real weird with our holiday card photo this year. Life was obviously a little crazy this holiday season, so we (I) majorly slacked on getting our card together. But, we had a trip to New Orleans to work with so we thought we might snap one there! Maybe in front for some pretty Christmas decor or something. Well, there was totally pretty Christmas decor everywhere, but somehow it just didn't happen. BUT, then we had the idea to take one in the cemetery when we were doing our cemetery tour. But that didn't happen either, because well, it was a tour and I didn't want to interrupt and be like, "AHEM, can you stop what you're doing there and take a photo of me and my husband? Also all you other people who paid to be here, skeddadle, we don't want you in it." Plus, that cemetery was very cool, but not that pretty. But then, we found another more visually appealing cemetery the next day and it was pretty dang empty! Prime opportunity! But who would take the photo?? No one was around except tours and this creepy dude who I suspect was the caretaker, but I mean... I've seen movies. I wasn't asking him.

SO WE SAT THE CAMERA ON A TOMB. We busted out that self timer and propped it up on a tomb. Omg, I was so scared that possible caretaker was going to come around the corner and be like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT TOMB IS 200 YEARS OLD HOW DARE YOU SET YOUR BIG ASS CAMERA ON IT YOU ARE NOW CURSED FOREVER GET OUTTTTTTT!" Kind of like when the Beast finds Belle in the west wing, about to touch that rose. You know. But thankfully no one bothered or yelled at us, and it took a few tries, but we got a shot that was acceptable.

If you got a card (hopefully they have all arrived by now), this is old news. Perhaps you were like, wtf? But for everyone else, it says, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS. We're dead serious."

HAAAA, we think we're real funny. Too weird? Too morbid for Christmas? Did we mix up our holidays? I don't know, but I'm a fan. Mostly because it was a comical situation. And because we can't do anything normally. We started with the idea of a normal photo with pretty holiday decorations, and ended up taking a photo in a cemetery. Honestly, I like the cemetery far better than normal.

Happy Holidays, y'all! Next year our card with have THREE HOGANS in it! Eeeee!

And for a walk down memory lane, here are our holiday photos from 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011. We look blissfully young and gleeful in last year's photo, the calm before the storm y'all! Although, as grumpy as we might look in this years photo, this storm has been a blast.

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