Monday, December 7, 2015

New Orleans - part 1

Hello hello from New Orleans!! This is the last big trip the Hogans will be making as a family of two, well... two and a half. Because she is definitely here with us, and makes her presence known frequently. We got here Saturday night after hanging out in Dallas for a bit with Kristy and Kennedy. The flight was so easy and SO SHORT. Thank goodness because I'm extra pregnant, ha! I've never been to Louisiana much less New Orleans, and now that I know that it's so easy to get here, I have no idea why we've never done it before! 

Brendon is here for Midyear, a big annual pharmacy conference. Like BIG. Like thousands of pharmacists from all over the country. No joke, our flight was 95% pharmacists. If you're an avid Hogan follower (HA), you might remember this is why we got to go to California (and Disneyland!) last year around this time. The conference rotates locations between cities. Next year is Vegas! Not sure if me and the Seahorse will be attending that one...

Last year was much different than this year, aside from the different locales. Brendon was interviewing for first year residencies (with a cold!) so there was a lot more for him to do. This year he early committed to a second year residency, so it's much less stressful. I guess this is the official big announcement? After wrapping up this first year, Brendon will be staying at the Central Texas VA for another (FINAL) year of residency! He's specializing in psychiatric pharmacy, which is very very cool. So another year in Temple it is for the Hogans! (I am actually 100% okay with this, and very happy for Brendon.) Anyway, that means no stress of being interviewed this year! Well, he's doing the interviewing for future first year residents. And he had to present a poster for his research project for the year Sunday afternoon. But other than that, he's free to play! Which is obviously awesome. I'm just chillin' in the hotel room while he's doing interviews, it's perfect. I had an insane week last week that involved HUNDREDS of miles of driving (which when you're 8 months pregnant, is no fun. The back pain, y'all!), so I'm thrilled to have some down time and nothing I need to do. Plus, apparently New Orleans is amazing. 

The architecture, y'all. Obviously, we are not here to party. Preggo or not, I'm not a big party animal. I'm here for the nerdy stuff. History, sightseeing, food. And gosh, there is so much of all of that everywhere. The buildings... oh man. They are beautiful. We are staying a short walk from the French Quarter, so we've already done so much exploring, thanks to a pharmacist Brendon works with and his wife who are New Orleans pros! Seriously though, the architecture continuously blows me away. It is a beautiful city, and the weather has been PERFECT. It's actually really similar to the weather in California in December. I'm not sure if it's always like this or if we just got lucky, but it's pretty great.

So here's the photo dump. Sorry it's mostly all buildings. They're just so fabulous!

That sun though! We got up early to go explore and hit up Cafe Du Monde before things got crazy. And I'm glad we did because the streets were pretty much empty except for cleaning crews and well, folks sleeping on the streets!

I can't get over St. Louis Cathedral. It is so impressive. And obviously it looks like a castle, so I love that!

Cafe Du Monde! And my first beignets! They did not disappoint. Although my pants were covered in powdered sugar.

We wandered down Bourbon Street for a bit. Just to say we'd been there. It started smelling like puke though, so we didn't last long.

Oh and the Christmas decor? Pretty perfect everywhere. These people know how to drape a garland.

The antique stores! These are real antiques you guys. Not the junky variety, but the real thing. The chandeliers these places have... swoon worthy!

Canal Street! It kind of reminds me of a California/New York hybrid. Old, but not nearly as old as the French Quarter. And palm trees.

So New Orleans, huh? Who knew! ;) It's amazingly fantastic. I am in love. I posted a picture on Facebook that said it was like Disneyland but dirtier. And that is so true. It's magical and beautiful and full of mystery, and just a tad grungy. I love it. Can't wait to keep exploring!

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