Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Maternity photos

Maternity photos! I was not on board with these at first. People kept asking, "Are you going to get maternity pictures taken??" And I was like, ehhh? Because I am not a huge fan of being photographed. I am an awkward human. And I was afraid they'd be pointless, like how often do you bust them out? "Here, look, offspring! It's that time you lived in a basketball in my belly!" I don't know. But at the same time, I wanted to document this, because being pregnant is a big deal. I'm not sure if I'll be pregnant again, so I might as well go all out, right?

And y'all, I'm so glad I did. We found an awesome photographer right here in Temple, Angela Luci Photography, we highly recommend! She was so laid back, the whole thing was easy and painless, which is good because I was a little nervous. And she is FAST! She took these photos Sunday and we got them back Monday. Rock star! And obviously, we love them. So, prepare yourselves for the onslaught of a LOT of photos of us. I had a hard time narrowing them down, so like I said... there's a lot! And I am definitely not used to sharing a whole bunch of photos of myself, but I'm so happy with these, I don't even care. Feast your eyes on these Hogans, looking far more fabulous than normal!

Okay, the hands in a heart on belly shot. Before the shoot we were all, are we gonna do that? Because everyone does. And when Angela pitched the idea we were like, what the heck why not, planning on it being super corny. But y'all, I LOVE IT! No shame in my game.

The flower crown! Isn't it fantastic?? Angela texted me asking what I was wearing and if I'd be interested in wearing a flower crown. I was like, "UH YESSS." She made that crown! And it matched perfectly. It was so much fun. Obviously, any chance I get to wear a crown, I'm in.

I think this one is my favorite, because we were trying so hard to keep it serious and then we just lost it. Also Brendon has an evil Jack Nicholson thing happening here that I find hilarious. But seriously, let's talk about Brendon's game face in general. That boy refuses to make a normal face for me when I'm taking the pictures, but you throw a professional out there and all of a sudden he's Zoolander.

Okay okay, maybe this one's my favorite. Angela asked if we wanted to do any particular poses at the end and I was like ???? and Brendon said he wanted a shot of him kissing my belly. I DIE.

Seriously, so so happy with these photos. I have been feeling like a big ol' frumpalump whale lately, and definitely not very pretty. But I feel beautiful in these photos. I am definitely bigger, everywhere, than I was 8 months ago but I like it here. I feel curvier and softer and those are things I am usually not. Even if for one day, I'm glad I got to feel a little fabulous! But real talk, as soon as we got home it was back to leggings and Brendon's t-shirts.

Muchos gracias to our photographer Angela for taking these fantastic photos and for stomping out into the trees and mud with us even though it could have started raining at any moment! (Which explains my Hermione hair that was previously in nice little curls.) And a big thanks to Brendon who did all this just for me, but did such a good job of acting like he was into it. ;) Also for looking extra handsome. And thanks to the Seahorse, for kicking me in the guts the entire time. She knew she was the center of attention I guess.

So if you're on the fence about getting maternity photos done, DO IT. And if you're in Temple and need photos taken, Angela is your girl.

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