Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Phew, how is it almost the end of the year already? Christmas flew by. It always does, but I thought maaaaybe this year since life in Temple (should have been) a little slower, it would last a little longer. But nope! It came and went in a happy flash like it always does. The good news this year is that we had off for the whole weekend! Usually we're off to work the next day, but as I'm not working at all at the moment (mwahaha) and Brendon is on that government schedule we had three days together! It's kind of nice, how the other half lives. We had the weekend to relax after the wildness of Christmas. And the weather was kinda cray, right? It was hot and grosssss on Christmas, but then this weekend winter arrived. There was even a chance of snow last night! I don't think it happened buuuuut, still! I'm pleased as punch that winter has shown its face. I'm a cold weather lover anyway, but being pregnant you run hot ALL the time. A mild winter was NOT what I was hoping for.

GOOD GRIEF, I am talking about the weather. (But really, when it actually happens, it's exciting!) Back to the point, CHRISTMAS! We had a fantastic Christmas. All our family came up to us in our little apartment and I felt super spoiled. Brendon's momma and his little bro came up the weekend before to celebrate. We had a taco feast and played a very serious game of Star Wars Monopoly where Brendon's true dark side came out. He is unbeatable in Monopoly and cut throat, wives get no mercy. Never play him. Actually never play him in any game. He's too competitive.

Our Christmas tree! Every year the day after Thanksgiving we get a tree. From Home Depot. They have this "Promo Tree" deal for trees that aren't quite perfect, it's usually around $20, NO MATTER THE SIZE! So we usually look for the biggest guy we can find, and usually they're awesome! They might have a little more character than the "normal" trees, but I like character. But man, this year. This tree is craaazy. It had holes galore, and crazy branches sticking out every where. It was hilarious. Also for whatever reason, even though it had a freshly cut bottom, it wasn't soaking up water. So it was a crispy critter by the end. I still loved it though.

FORGIVE THE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! I've found on holidays it's easier to just bust out the flash than to fight apartment lighting with manually shot photos. And you catch a lot more funny faces with a quick flash. :)

This is the "oh Marie is taking pictures again" collection of faces. I SWEAR we were having a good time! Every year Deb gets us PJ's, it's the sweetest tradition (and my only source of PJ's!). She always picks the cutest stuff!

Superheroes, obviously!

Looking extra pregnant here. It was a fantastic early Christmas, and a great way to start the Christmas week! I'm all about spreading the holiday cheer as far as possible.

Christmas morning Brendon and I got up early (well, we always get up early) and had our little Christmas together. Usually we do ours last, so it was a fun change to open our gifts to each other ON Christmas morning. A nice calm and quiet morning, because we know next year will be very different!

I am going to spam you with repeated photos of our tree. Because I can.

Christmas with the cats, naturally. Sophie is a big fan of Christmas, she sneaks into A LOT of these photos.

Brendon spoiled me rotten, as per usual. I love how thoughtful that boy is. Also he got me one of those giant tins of popcorn, you know the cheese, butter, and caramel? It's already over half empty. I love that nasty stuff.

My sister, mom, and her bf Ray arrived a little later that morning for Christmas round 3! And they rolled up like Santa:

Sophie was in heaven. No cat loves Christmas more.

PS, it was hot! Shorts and short sleeves and an open door because the apartment was getting steamy.

You see what I mean about funny faces? I get free passes because, preggo. And I made Brendon wear Elf hats with me. Because when else?

And I totally busted out the self timer. Multiple times. I don't regret it, we don't have too many group shots over the years.

Later that afternoon was Christmas round 4 with my dad, step-momma, and step-bro. And Santa arrived again!

More group shots! With a Sophie this time! She's so spoiled.

My photo taking slacked off towards the end, by the end of the day I was reeeeal tired! But not tired enough for one last Christmas family photo:

Greg though. Not thrilled. I love this little family of mine! Can't wait until that one that's living in my guts is HERE next year!

Overall, even though it was a break from tradition, it was an excellent Christmas. Our family really came through, I am so grateful that they all traveled up to be with us! And family spoiled us like crazy, we ate lots of food (and I cooked! Not something I usually get to do for my family!), and we had oodles of fun hanging out. Lots of laughing, lots of goodness. A wonderful last Christmas before the Seahorse arrives.

Which could be any day now! Eeeee! Hopefully she makes it to her due date but gosh, these practice contractions make me feel like there's no way in heck we'll make it another month. Keep your fingers crossed, y'all! I want a chubby little bundle of Hogan to cuddle on, and the longer she's in there the fatter she'll get. ;)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas if you celebrate! And a marvelous holiday season! I still can't believe the year is almost over. Time flies when you're having fun. :)

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