Monday, December 21, 2015

Cameron Park Zoo

GIBBONS! Y'all, I love animals! You know this. There's a zoo in Waco (the Cameron Park Zoo), and since we've moved here I've been scheming to go, but somehow it never worked out. BUT, Saturday, we went! And it was awesome! I thought it might be a little pokey zoo, but it's actually a decent size with lots of animals. The Fort Worth Zoo is, in my opinion, the best zoo in Texas. But, this one was pretty good! Especially for being just up the road!

I have this fascination with Waco. I'd driven through it about a billion times, but I'd never really stopped and explored until we moved here. It's just a short drive from Temple, and it's actually a really neat city! Almost a little hip. I think it's grown a lot in the past five years or so. Anyway, I love it. And keep finding excuses to go. And it's within my travel restrictions for this last month or so of pregnancy so I'm loving that.

This parrot was all about talking to us and doing some borderline obscene movements against the fence.

Brendon in a slide, through the otter pool!

So many of the animals were snoozing in the sun. I guess it would have been better to see them active and awake, but I thought they were all so cute sunbathing so I didn't mind! It was a sorta chilly day, but when you were in the sun it felt fantastic. And we got there pretty early, so the zoo was pretty much empty! It was awesome.

Awkward pregnant girl stance. Waddling around the zoo. And the rest of these photos were taken by Brendon! I am usually the camera queen, it's nice when he takes over every now and then.

Seriously fun morning! I'm so glad we were able to go. This zoo was awesome, and really the perfect place to take a kid! It's not huuuuge like some zoo's are, so you could probably tackle it all with a little one before they got over it. In fact, I think we were the only folks there without kids. Well, a kid outside the body anyway.

As soon as we got into the car I almost died from hunger. I'm at this awesome point these days where if I go to long without eating I feel super sick, and it hits me out of nowhere. Before I even recognize that I'm hungry I'll feel like I'm going to puke/pass out. So we've gotten kind of good at just watching the clock and saying, "Well, it's been about two hours since we've eaten, lets get a snack." I'm like a damn baby, feed me every few hours okay?

We found this really fantastic Mediterranean place, D's Mediterranean Grill, right down the road from the zoo, very veggie friendly! And I ate A TON. Seriously, shoveled that food into my face. We will have to go back, it was super good and I'm still thinking about it.

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