Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kennedy's blanket

This blanket took me forever. Like months! It was meant as a birthday present for Kennedy, and her birthday was in April. Life got in the way unfortunately, but better late than never I finished it up and when we visited this weekend I was finally able to give it to her!

Slumber party!

I used the same method (aka, making it up as I go) as I did to make my Weasley style blanket last year. I just picked prettier colors. I forgot how long sewing all those squares together takes. And then hand sewing the all the intersections through the batting and back... phew! I'm happy with it though. I hope Kennedy is too. It's not perfect, but it's got character!

I may or may not have stood on my coffee table to get this shot. 

Sophie was a little attached to this blanket, she thought I was making it for her. She was with it through all it's many stages; she sat on the squares as I cut them and sewed them together, sat on the backing, in the batting, rolled all over the blanket while it was spread out in my living room, and her favorite part was attacking the thread while I hand sewed it at the end. Of course when it was finished, she promptly laid on it. Sorry for all the grey hairs Kennedy, I tried to get most of them off. Sophie sends her love to you and your new blanket.

I'm not sure if Kennedy was really that stoked about it (I mean what kid would be hyped about a blanket?), but I thought it would be a cool thing to grow up with. So she can remember her Auntie Marie who made way too much stuff in her free time.


  1. WE LOVE the blanket and appreciate all the hard work you put into it. It is beautiful and so special! Kennedy says "that's my blanket?" and "Auntie Marie made it for me?" It's perfect.

    1. So glad she likes it!! It was made with lots of love! :)

  2. Oh and she points to her name on it and says, "that's MY name!" Haha