Sunday, July 22, 2012

Little Legal Sister

Forgive me internet, I have been a bad blogger. My life has been absolutely insane lately, but in the best way. Life has been busy and work has been EXTRA busy. This deserves its own post later.

So here is one of the recent events in my busy but wonderful life, Thursday my baby sister Julie turned 21!! Can you believe it? I sure can't! But I'm glad she is legal, so now we can go for drinks!

Brendon and I headed down to San Marcos Thursday evening to celebrate with her and my momma. We had tacos (always a good idea) at a little place on the square and then went to the coolest bar ever, Zelick's. This place was awesome. I wish it was in Austin, because I would be there all the time. Not that I drink a lot (because I don't, at all, excluding this night, which I will discuss soon), but that the atmosphere was just great. It was all outdoors with lots of seating, it was super cute, and there were all kinds of yard games. We played bean bags! Turns out Brendon is pretty good, and the rest of us are not. I loved that place and plan to return!

So here are some scenes from the evening, but first, a warning. As I stated before, I don't really drink. I used to do so quite a bit, but I just can't hang anymore. The last time I was drunk (before Thursday night) was last November. I enjoy beer and will have one or two, but I don't get drunk. BUT, I did on my sister's birthday. Not like a hot mess or anything, but drunk enough to feel pretty crummy the next day and remind me why I stopped drinking. I blame the shots. If you see me with a shot, slap it out of my hands and tell me to go home.

Continuing on.

Julie and one of her presents, a map! And check out that sweet dress she's wearing. Guess who made it. You're right, it was me! Clever readers you are. I made this dress basically in one night. Like I said, life has been cray, and I am an excellent procrastinator, so of course I had to crank it out in an evening. And I did! I was beyond exhausted when I started and I don't really remember finishing it, so I'm not sure how I managed to knock it out successfully (minus one pocket a little awkwardly placed), but I'm a big fan of it. It's the seersucker dress pattern I made before just slightly shortened and with an added collar. Julie picked out all the fabric and I love the way it turned out. It's so retro and adorable. And of course, because everything does, it looks great on her!

What's going on with my hand? At the taco place with drinks that are mostly not ours.

Sorry Jules, I don't think professional bean bag tossing is in your future.

 Defining "paleness".

 My mom is cooler than I am. By a lot.

Shots were a bad choice. I took two. Julie's friends Anthony and Ryan came to hang out. They were fun!

Did I marry that man?

It was a really great night. It was super relaxing and super fun, and pretty much worth the slight terribleness in the morning. Hanging out with my mom and sister was wonderful! Julie continued onwards after we called it a night (because we are old farts), and I hope she enjoyed the rest of the evening! I had a blast on her birthday and I hope she did too!

And as seems to be customary, I will leave you with a photographic gem:

I love you Jules. Thank you for beings so fun, sweet, and for making that dress look so good.

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