Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy songs

Do you have songs that instantly put you in a good mood? I do. I have a lot of these songs. I am very much about staying positive and upbeat, anyway I can. There's so much bad crap in the world, I don't want to add to it! A good attitude can get you a long way. So sometimes when I'm feeling down, to lighten up a bit and remind myself that life is mostly wonderful I'll jam out to some of my favorite pick me up tunes.

Let's go over a few of my favorites! We'll go with a top 5, although this is an ever evolving list. And yes, I realize the majority are shamelessly girly, but don't hate.

That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings. I love this song. It is my ultimate go to if I need to get pumped and excited about anything. I don't know where I first heard this song, I want to say it was while I was waiting tables... Regardless, I've played it a gazillion times (it's #6 on my top played songs ever on itunes) and it has yet to get old. It's so upbeat and fun and it makes me happy. And things that make me happy are okay in my book.

My Love by the Bird and the Bee. I guess there's something about a good beat and clapping that I just can't resist. This song is so fun, so lighthearted and sweet. And a blast to dance to. In your living room. Alone. In pjs. Not that I've ever done that of course, I've just heard rumors. Side note, I am not at all a fan of either of the previous two videos. Good songs, bad videos.

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine. Clapping beats? Again? I guess I'm predictable. I love everything about Florence + the Machine. This song was my introduction the them and it's still one of my favorites. Singing to this in my car = happy place (for me, any other living creature present would be in hell and would probably tuck and roll out to save their ears). I like to joke that this is Sophie's theme song, the Dog Days Are Over.... get it? SO CLEVER, I KNOW.

No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand. Whoa a song sung by a male!? Congrats Franz Ferdinand, y'all are the only dudes on this list. I love this whole album, but this song (and Ulysses which is just about tied for this spot) is my favorite. This is gettin' ready to go out and do fun stuff music! Plus also a blast to solo-living-room-dance to.

Countdown by Beyonce. First, I love Beyonce, forever. Second, how freaking adorable is this video? I think there's even clapping. This song is extra cute and so fun. Makes me think of me and my boo and how crazy I about that fool (too corny?). There are so many of her songs that make me happy. Girlfriend's got it goin' on. If only I could dance like B!

Are you happier now? I sure am. Feel free to hate all of these songs, everyone has something different that makes them smile. Upbeat songs that make you want to sing and dance, that's my bread and butter. Making my world a happier place, one clap at a time.

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