Saturday, July 7, 2012

the Fourth

Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day being all patriotic and such! God bless 'merica, y'all. Brendon and I both had to work (time and a half baby!), but we had the evening off so we headed down to Auditorium Shores, with literally thousands of other people, to watch the fireworks downtown. The weather was phenomenal, the people watching was prime (you never fail to provide the most interesting characters, Austin), and the company was perfect! We had a little patriotic concert from the Austin Symphony and then got to watch some fireworks!

 Because you refuse to make normal faces Mr. Hogan, I must post your weird ones.

The fireworks were awesome. I'm so glad we got enough rain this summer so they weren't all banned! I love fireworks. Growing up we had only done them ourselves (perks of living out in the woods!), so the first time I saw professional fireworks was in college. And I was in love! Fireworks with music? Yes please! I could watch them forever.

It was a seriously good night minus the fact that I was completely exhausted and suffered from a severe allergy attack that evening. I was looking rough by the end of the night. Also traffic was TERRIBLE getting out of the stupid garage we parked in. We spent 45 minutes waiting to get out of our parking spot. So bad. And I had to be at work at 5am! But we survived and it was worth it. Although I don't think we will brave the thousands of spectators again. Not parking in that damn garage anyway, that's FOSHO.

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