Monday, July 2, 2012


This weekend we went up north for a semi-impromptu trip to visit friends. We went all over the place. Fort Worth, Denton, Dallas, and pretty much every town in between. You name it, we were there.

For the first leg of our trip we hung out in Fort Worth with our friends Sameer and Inam, who actually attend pharmacy school with Brendon here at UT but were staying up north for the summer. Those boys are trouble when they get together. They had me laughing nonstop!

Next, we headed up to Denton to for a little reunion dinner with more friends at one of our old favorite places to eat, Mr. Chopsticks. The crab wontons were just as delicious as we remember. We got an order each. If you are in Denton, go there and order them.

We stayed the night with the Chasaks and got to hang out with this little lady:

 Is she not the cutest thing ever? Our favorite toddler! She grows so much every time we see her.

The next day we got together with Kristy's daddio and step momma, Greg and Roxanne, who are also dear friends of ours! It was so great to see them. And we went and got my favorite thing, snow cones!

 Obviously I'm a professional creeper winker.

AND THEN, we got to see a couple of the Chisty's! We missed Z and his dad (who were hanging out in Hawaii), but we got to see Sarah and her momma! It had been far to long. They hooked us up with goodies and snacks for the ride home, they are too good to us!

We're kinda tall huh?

Being up there reminded me how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends in our lives. It was so so good to see everyone and they all spoiled us rotten. We love our big North Texas family! And a big thanks to Sameer, his family, and the Chasaks for being awesome hosts. You guys are all the best and we miss you already!


  1. hahaha i love how "sausage rolls" features so prominently behind your winky face.

    1. I didn't even notice, that's too funny! I guess that's just how I... roll? ;)

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! Wish I could see next weekend when I am in town....hopefully next time I will be there for longer!