Sunday, January 25, 2015

Disney Princess Dress Project - Snow White

Okay okay okay okay, so flashback about a month ago, we're at Disneyland. And there's like a gazillion little girls dressed as princesses, all the stores sell teeny princess dresses, and you can even get made over princess style in a tiny little child sized salon. But what about the adults? What about the grown up princesses? You can get a t-shirt with a princess on it. So I was like, the heck? This is a market someone needs to cash in on. We adults (I swear, it is not just me) want dresses too! A month or so later, boom, I've got my next ridiculous project. The Disney Princess Dress Project. DPDP. Like double Doctor Pepper. I'm making a dress for each Disney Princess. Because I want them all and no one's selling them. And I'm going in chronological order, because I'm a freak. Starting with my dearest, Snow White.

Snow White has never been my absolute favorite princess, but I've always had mad respect because she was the first. Circa 1937. And animals love her. And she sports a primary colored dress like no ones business. Plus she's the only Disney Princess with short hair. You go girl.

You like that princess pose? The wind seriously started blowing just as we were taking this picture, thus, fabulous hair. So, these dresses are not costumes (although, I have been Snow White before). I mean, not for me anyway. I will rock a dress on the reg though. They'll be made out of regular apparel fabric, made to be worn whenever. They're inspired by Disney Princesses, however they're not replicas by any means. Because I don't want to look TOO ridiculous in public.

Snow White is a German fairy tale, so I went with a dirndl-esque top. Plus, duh I love dirndls. I wanted it to be relatively casual and sundressy, since I mean, Snow White runs off into the woods in this dress. Just a regular almost get your heart cut out by a huntsman and meet a ton of woodland creatures plus seven little men dress. Nothing too fancy.

To keep it simple, I made it out of quilting cotton in fun prints (the sleeves have butterflies and flowers on them!), and it is extra comfortable. The sleeves have elastic in them... seriously comfy. I'd clean the house while singing and then take a nap in this dress. I used Simplicity 1803 (which I've made here and here) for the bodice and skirt, and I stole the sleeves off of McCall's 5619. Since this was basically the third time I've made this pattern and I was sewing on cotton, it came together easy peasy. And I love love love it. It will be perfect for frolicking around Austin this spring! With all that free time I have.

And in case you live under a social media rock, I have red hair! I dyed it a little over a week ago and it's still pretty dang red! It's a semi-permanent dye (this one if you're interested) over mostly my natural color and what's left of my ombre. And I love it. It came out much brighter than I thought it would and it's lasting longer than I thought. I've been washing my hair at the last minute during my showers and only using cold water, which is not so fun when it's cold outside, but it's helping the color last!

So this is my new project. Don't judge me. Or do, I don't care. ;) There are a lot of Disney Princesses, so I'm hoping this keeps me busy for a while. I've already started the next one, and y'all, I'm having the time of my life. Can I just make princess dresses for a living?

And big ol' shout out to the future good Doctor Hogan, who took time out of his busy day to take pictures of me pretending to be the Fairest of Them All.

Love you, boo. Thanks for encouraging my princess complex.

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