Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Candy cane dress

This dress was seriously, like half a year in the making. It is the same pattern (Simplicity 1803) as my Purple Princess Dress, just a different version. I bought and prewashed the fabric back in April right after making the purple dress, and it has been sitting on my desk along with the pattern pieces since then, begging to be sewn. Brendon has been giving me crap about it for ages, so I finally knocked it out since Halloween got me back into my sewing game. And I'm so glad I did because this dress fits like a glove and I love it! It's rare that I don't have to make any sizing adjustments at the end, but this baby just came together and fit perfectly. Too bad it's fall now and I just made a sundress...

It's a candy cane dress, just in time for the holidays! Even though I bought the fabric in the spring... I had been eyeballing this fabric for months before I bought it, I just needed an excuse to use it. It's a super soft cotton blend with a little stretch to it. It's fairly sturdy and not see through at all, yay no lining! It was a dream to sew on and this baby came together so easily, I knocked it out in an afternoon.

Even though it's a sundress, I shall be sporting this all winter with sweaters. And I mean it is Texas, so maybe without a sweater too. Today ironically was one of the chillest days so far this fall. I was a little cold taking these photos, hence the clenched fists.

I miss sewing (dresses, as I sew drapes weekly!) and need to get back into it. Not only does it keep me entertained and challenged, but the finished product is a new outfit. Win-win situation here.


  1. I love this dress! Do you make a muslin for new patterns? I'm reading a lot of sewing blogs and I'm not really understanding the point of it. Basically sewing the dress once as a test run..

    1. I did not make a muslin and I've never made a muslin, but I might if I was sewing with some very fancy fabric that I wanted to get right the first time. Or if you were altering the pattern quite a bit. But in normal circumstances I don't think its necessary! :)